Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Are You a Good Liar?

by Tara Rummell Berson

Sometimes little white lies are necessary — like if you don’t want to completely crush someone’s ego — but can you do it without getting caught? Take this quiz to find out your fibbing aptitude.

You’re shopping with your best friend and she tries on an unflattering dress. She says it is just what she needs, since she wants to look sexy when she sees her ex at an upcoming wedding. Yet you’re shocked by the display of flesh. What do you say?
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“Wow! You look amazing. His eyes are going to pop out of their sockets when he gets a load of you!”

“It looks fantastic! But are you sure it’s the right size?”

“Wow! Just wow…”

Everyone has been bugging you about the family reunion, but you’d rather scrub toilets than go! You’ve spun a few excuses, and your nosy aunt has figured out that you’re giving her the runaround. How do you bust out of the corner she’s backed you into?
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Confess that you can’t bear all of the questions your relatives will fire at you about your latest insecurity

Pretend that you just burned your finger while boiling water so you can rush her off the phone

Dole out lies (while keeping track of them) until she starts to believe you

Your lover suspects that you’ve been straying a bit. You’ve been pretty good about covering your tracks, but he intercepted a very telling text on your phone. How do you react when he confronts you?
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You play it cool, tell him that the text was obviously sent to the wrong person, and distract him with kisses

Your eye starts to twitch, and you stare at him blankly for a few minutes until you can conjure up a decent excuse

You stumble over your words at first, but then launch into a monologue about how much the relationship means to you

What body language comes closest to how you behave when you lie to someone’s face?
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The bigger the lie, the grander the hand gestures

You turn toward the person and look them directly in the eyes

You look down at the ground a lot and cross your arms so you don’t fidget

You’re supposed to meet your Mom for coffee to hash out a recent argument, but decide to stop in Sephora for some mascara — and you end up sampling about 30 perfumes. When she calls to find out where the heck you are, what do you do?
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Blather on and on about a pretend traffic accident you’re somehow stuck in the middle of

Give her some details about why you’re running late, without going overboard

Start talking incessantly about something completely random until she practically begs you to get off the phone

Your friend wants you to recount a story that she thinks is false and that you need her to believe is true — or else you’ll be throwing a mutual friend to the wolves (because when tipsy, she did say something awful about Friend #1). How do you react?
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Put her on the defensive to deflect the attention away from you — and your friend’s sticky situation

Spin the story so much that you practically get dizzy

Repeat your story and shrug off the doubtful looks she’s giving you

You’re caught off guard by a question and need to fabricate the truth spontaneously. What do you do?
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Make a joke to avoid the subject

Blurt out an answer that seems honest — and then, if they look at you skeptically, ask them if they can be more specific

Answer the question without thinking twice

When you’re trying to persuade someone into believing you (or you’re getting defensive about something), what’s your go-to phrase?
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“Would I lie to you?”

“Seriously. I wouldn’t joke about this!”

“I would never lie to you.”

Your grandmother is beaming as you open her beautifully and meticulously wrapped birthday present. You unwrap a multicolored knit cap that would look better on a circus clown. What do you say to her?
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“I love it!” and then smile

“This is just what I need,” while catching yourself shaking your head “no”

You don’t say anything; you just hug her tightly

Pick the answer that comes closest to your speech pattern when you lie.
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You pause a lot and tend to avoid answering questions directly

You use a lot of “ums” and “ahs”

Your voice gets a little higher