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Which Sexy Singer Is for You?

by Tara Rummell Berson

Who doesn't love a man who can carry a tune? But a man who can croon? Ooh, baby! Take this quiz to see which singing style is your perfect match.

Which type of music are you most drawn to?
1 of 10 questions

Smooth melodies

Heartfelt storytelling

Hard and rhythmic beats

Soulful songs

What's your ideal concert venue?
2 of 10 questions

A stadium

A down-home bar

A jazz club

A Vegas casino

Choose your favorite dance style:
3 of 10 questions

Swing dancing

Line dancing

Waving a lighter in the air to the beat

Slow and sensual rocking

Which accessory do you find sexiest on a guy?
4 of 10 questions

A sharp suit

A martini

Leather pants

A cowboy hat

What type of voice makes your heart melt?
5 of 10 questions

Smooth and effortless

Deep and seductive

A Southern drawl

Growling (but in a good way)

Which decade would you want to go back to or choose to grow up in?
6 of 10 questions

You're enjoying the present

The '90s

The '80s

The '50s

Pick the movie genre that best matches your musical taste:
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Classic Hollywood



Which cover of a pop standard would you enjoy listening to the most?
8 of 10 questions

You'll stick with the original, thanks

One with more string instruments, like a fiddle

One with a faster, harder beat

A slow jam

Which of these bands fits best with your music playlists?
9 of 10 questions

Boyz II Men

Creedence Clearwater Revival

Rascal Flatts

The Four Seasons

You're in the mood to grab a cocktail. Which place lures you in?
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Local sports bar

Blues club

Bar with a mechanical bull

Chic lounge