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What's Your First-Date Style?

by Leigh Camp

On a first date, you want to be yourself, sure, but there's nothing wrong with being the most attractive version of yourself! Which is why no one judges you for whipping out your alter ego — a.k.a. your own "Sasha Fierce" — to get through the evening. So, what's your go-to first-date personality? Take our quiz to find out!

You're on a dinner date and the waiter comes by to take your order. What'll it be, miss?
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A half dozen raw oysters and a glass of chardonnay. After the waiter leaves, you casually ask your date if he's heard the rumors about oysters being an aphrodisiac.

A burger, medium, hold the onions. It's your casual way of saying "I'm not a salad girl," without the bad breath!

You smile sweetly at your date and ask him what he recommends. This way you get to secretly judge whether or not he has good taste!

On this dinner date, what shoes are you sporting?
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Low-heeled backless sandals. Comfy, yet cute!

Killer patent-leather stilettos that practically scream sex!

Pale pink peep-toes to match your top. They really pull the whole outfit together!

New first-date scenario: You meet at a bar after work. What are you drinking?
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A dirty vodka martini

A Cosmopolitan

Stella Artois. It can be a conversation piece if he's seen those Adrien Brody ads!

Time flies and it's suddenly 11 p.m. Everyone is on the dance floor, including you and your date. Where are your hands?
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Up in the air while you shake it to the beat

You aren't sure, they're sort of all over him

Behind his neck. It's become a sort of semi-hug type of dance.

What's your preferred spot for first dates?
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A bar. You can bail after two drinks if it's not working out!

Dinner at a nice, trendy restaurant where you can show off that ridiculously low-cut dress you just bought.

A movie or a play. It's nice to share an experience together, you know?

Uh-oh. The check's arrived. How do you deal with the inevitable “Do I pay, do you pay, do we pay?” awkwardness to follow?
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You don't even look at the check. It doesn't exist to you. If he has the audacity to ask you to split it, well, that'll be the last time.

You don't reach for your purse, and when he takes the check, you ask, “Can I help you with that?” while expecting him to decline your offer

You insist on splitting it and won't take no for an answer. You like going Dutch; for you, it feels more relaxed that way.

What's your first-date lipstick shade?
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Deep red. It really makes your mouth pop!

Pale pink. You like to focus on playing up your eyes and don't want to overdo it with the lips.

Bright bubblegum pink. It's a fun shade, and not too intense!

What's your typical first-date conversation subject?
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You usually ask him about himself, and then wait to see whether or not he remembers to ask you anything about yourself.

You like to find something trivial you disagree on, say, a sports team, and give him a hard time about it, but in a way so he knows it's all in fun.

You compliment him on his physical appearance. His arms, his chest, his height — that way he knows you're looking!

What's your first-date cell phone policy?
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You like to shoot him a few sexy texts mid-meal if things are going well, as a fun surprise.

Phones are only allowed when one of you is in the restroom. Any other time it's just rude! If your date makes the mistake of whipping his out, you let him know how you feel about it.

If he gets on his phone in the middle of your date, you'll ignore it. But you won't forget it.

After dinner, what's your typical dessert choice?
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Carrot cake — that little carrot on top is just too cute to pass up!

Strawberry cheesecake. It's rich, creamy and delicious—and, you've found, a favorite of most guys!

Hot devil's food chocolate cake. You ask for an extra spoon so you and your date can share.

What's your first-date outfit: pants, skirt or dress?
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Pants — you want to be super comfortable when you meet him

Dress — preferably one that shows a lot of leg

Skirt — the belted-skirt-with-sexy- top look is just so very put together!

Where did you meet this guy?
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The office. There was the interdepartmental ice cream social, and you told him about the chocolate he had melted on his chin (so adorable)!

At a happy hour. You were alone sipping your cocktail, and he asked if he could join you.

Through a friend. She just thought you'd really hit it off!

A few days after your first date, he sends you a text that says: "Hey, had a good time. Free to hang out again soon?" What's your response?
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"Yeah, me too. Sort of disappointed you're such a diehard Giants fan, though :P I feel like maybe a few more drinks will help you see the light!"

"Where and when were you thinking?"

You wait a week and then send a message that says, "Meet me in an hour at the Gypsy Tea Room."

At the end of the night, if you want a kiss, how do you say it without actually saying it?
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You flutter your eyelashes and smile sweetly until he realizes that's his cue.

You pause, then put your lips into a subtle pout. He usually gets the hint.

You stop grinning over the joke he just cracked long enough to bite your lip (the sign), and then, if necessary, pull him in.

What's your first-date kiss style?
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You like to leave him wanting more. The first-date kiss is just a tease, a preview for what the next date could bring.

You go for sweet and lingering. Not too long, but not too short either, with just the right mix of open and closed mouth.

All passion, so, lots of tongue!