Get answers about how you relate to your loved ones.

What Song Matches Your Relationship Style?

by Tara Rummell Berson

When it comes to matters of the heart, we all love a little differently. Some of us are more emotional, while others thrive on being sexy singles. Which popular tune sums up your outlook on love? Take our quiz to find out!

Pick the adjective that best describes how an ex would define how you loved them:
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What's most important to you in a relationship?
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Freedom. (You hate feeling tied down.)

Control and fidelity. (You're so over being cheated on!)

Thoughtfulness and devotion. (You should woo one another forever.)

Sexual connection. (It's important to keep the flame burning.)

What's your M.O. when you first start dating someone?
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You come up with ways to see how adventurous they are

You take the lead so there's less chance that you'll get screwed over

You play hard to get. You don't want to do the chasing.

You dive right in and buy little gifts to make the person feel extra-special

Which of the following would be an ideal date for you?
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A hot-air-balloon ride that encourages your date to focus only on you (and the view, of course!)

A quiet, candlelit dinner where you can gaze into each other's eyes to your heart's content

One that leaves room for more dessert (wink, wink)!

Something fun and low-key, like going to the local carnival or playing miniature golf together

How have you reacted to past rough patches in relationships?
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You got into the fetal position and cried

You went for the jugular and hit him where it hurt most

You accepted that you were just growing apart — no hard feelings

You moved on to your next conquest!

How many relationships have you been in?
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You don't know if you'd classify any of them as "relationships"

Only one — with your true love

A few, none of which were really healthy

They're more like love affairs — and you've had your share

What comes closest to the sweetest thing you ever done for someone? You've:
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Seduced with sexy lingerie and created exciting role-playing games

Planned an impromptu adventure

Written a poem, song or love note

Let them massage you and then promised a spicy reward

A good friend breaks the news that your partner may be cheating on you. What do you do?
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Immediately check his recent phone calls and emails for proof. (You've figured out all of his passwords.)

Think about killing him, until your mind wanders to the potential great make-up sex you'll have.

Go into total denial mode. There's no way he'd ever do that to you!

View it as a valid reason to break up. What a relief!

How would you most likely celebrate a special anniversary?
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Put together a scrapbook with some quotes and pictures of the two of you

Give him a beautiful framed photo of yourself

Make reservations at a trendy restaurant and then hit a club

Share a bottle of wine and some oysters

Which of the following would be your favorite romantic getaway?
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A tropical island

A charming and secluded cottage in the countryside

A cross-county road trip

Anywhere he wants to go — then he'll owe you