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What Romantic Comedy Are You?

by Hannah Atkin

Just like us, or even our relationships, rom-coms have their unforgettable moments as well as heartbreaks and obstacles. Some movies are happier than others, but none are without their unique characters and personalities. Find out which classic romantic comedy best represents your life!

What comes first on your daily priority list?
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Your job

Your family

Your friends

Your morals

Your friends would best describe you as:
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The cultural one. Your life is deeply rooted in your traditions and spiritual beliefs.

The comic relief. You always keep the mood upbeat.

The bookworm. You never go anywhere without some great reading material.

The perfectionist. You can’t help it; you like things your way.

What two characteristics do you find most attractive in a man?
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Successful and outgoing

Funny and a little nerdy

Athletic and brave

Sweet and sensitive

You’re going grocery shopping. Your cart is:
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Packed with microwavable dinners and frozen food. Who has time to cook?

Piled high with everything you need for your mother’s best recipes and more. There must always be leftovers.

What cart? You do your shopping every day because it’s easy to buy for one.

What cart? Grocery shopping is for people who eat in; you always eat out.

Which of the following best represents your attitude about love?
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Men and women can never be friends

Opposites attract

Relationships take work

Family is most important

What’s at the top of your wish list?
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An iPhone. It’s the perfect way to keep everything organized and stay in touch with friends.

New athletic sneakers. You are a total gym rat and could use a new pair.

New furniture or appliances or home decor. You would love to remodel.

The first edition of your favorite childhood book.

What magazine do you look forward to getting in the mail?
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Bon Appetit. You are a total foodie.

Martha Stewart Living. You and Martha share a need for perfection.

Women’s Health. You live a healthy and active lifestyle.

The New Yorker. You love the essays and social commentaries.

What would be your perfect date?
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A night class with your man, followed by dinner at a restaurant that features your favorite international cuisine

A jog in the park and a quick coffee pick-me-up

A great museum exhibit and a candlelit dinner

Drinks and dessert on the water, followed by a visit to a used-book store

If you could have any job, what would you love to do?
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Police officer/detective

Bookstore owner



When you start dating a new man and want to show him off, whose approval do you value most?
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Your family

No one’s but your own

Your friends

Your colleagues