Get answers about how you relate to your loved ones.

Who Is Your "Drop Dead Diva" Love Match?

by Lisa Raphael

Roses are red, violets are blue — is your love for Grayson, Fred or Parker the most true? Take this quiz to find out which of the “Drop Dead Diva” bachelors should be your man!

If you were stranded on a desert island, what would you need to survive?
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Sunglasses, my iPhone and a black American Express card. Whatever I need to make sure I get back to civilization ASAP.

I think I could get by with a Swiss Army knife, one big sleeping bag and my significant other.

My guardian angel, of course!

It's date night! What's stashed in your purse?
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My cell (gotta text my BFF to let her know how it’s going!)

A camera to capture those cute couple moments.

A killer shade of lipstick and the proper protection.

You win an all expenses-paid vacation for you and your man. Where do you decide to go?
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Disney World - the happiest place on the planet, duh!

Perfect timing for a posh trip to London.

Time for a camping adventure!

Your birthday’s coming up! What’s on your list?
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A little bling never hurt anyone...

A sweet cake baked up by my even sweeter boo.

The "it" bag of the season!

What’s your perfect date outfit?
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Something comfortable – how else will I kick his butt in mini golf?

A slinky, short and/or low-cut LBD.

A pretty sundress that shows just enough without giving too much away.

Which of the following "flaws" do you find more endearing than annoying in a relationship:
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Being too sweet.

Confidence that can border on cockiness.

Being sometimes too passionate about a topic.

Finish this sentence: When I fall in love…
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...it can often be difficult for me to admit it to myself and the person I’m with. I’ve been hurt before and I’m not willing to let that happen again.

...I am truly, 100% committed to that person and tend to go a little overboard with the romance.

…I believe that it will be (or is) with the one person I’m meant to be with forever.

What causes are important to you?
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I believe in bringing justice to the unjust and a voice to those without one.

Um, causes? I wish someone besides me and Anna Wintour would enforce the “no white after Labor Day” law.

I live my life for love and wish I could help everyone find it.

What is the perfect Sunday with you and your sweetie?
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Firing up the grill and inviting friends over for a BBQ!

Unlimited mimosas at brunch!

A trip to church and a quiet, romantic day together.