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Are You With “The One”?

by Beth Turner

Ah, “The One”! Are you with him right now? It’s the million-dollar question, and luckily for you, we can help you get an answer! Find out if you’ve got a match made in heaven or a dude you should dump.

Your boyfriend is a terrible dancer. You find this quality to be:
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Your friends do not like your boyfriend. So how do you feel about it?
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It bothers you, but not enough to break it off

You secretly agree

You really don’t care

Your partner wants sex:
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About the same as you do

Less than you do

More than you do

You and your boyfriend fight:
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Almost never

From time to time

All the time

You’d describe your current relationship as:
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You’ve decided to ditch your corporate job and pursue your passion of opening up an ice-cream store. When you tell your boyfriend, his reaction is:
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Supportive (“I have some ideas on how you can make this happen”)

Negative (“It’s just not a smart choice”)

Indifferent (“Well, I guess if that’s what you want”)

You want to have kids, and he:
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Hasn’t made up his mind

Wants kids also

Doesn’t think he wants them

When you fight, typically it’s resolved when:
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Time goes by and you both forget

You have make-up sex

You discuss it and both agree to move on

When it comes to your checkbook and bank accounts, you:
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Have no clue what’s going on with your money flow, and neither does he

Are on top of your finances, and so is he

Sort of know how much you’ve got, while he knows down to the penny (or vice versa!)

Your ideal vacation is to be:
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On the beach in a tropical paradise – and so is his

You prefer camping, while he likes culture

As long as you’re with him, you don’t care what you’re doing!