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Which Celeb Could Be Your Workout Buddy?

by Amy Zerello

Imagine you’re given the opportunity to work out with any celebrity of your choice. Sure, sounds like an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but could you keep up? Take this quiz to discover your perfect famous fitness partner.

You know being fit is good for your bod, but when motivation is fleeting, you focus on:
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Exhilaration. Taking risks and trying new things invigorates you.

Energy. Being strong and healthy is a vital part of managing a busy schedule.

Looking good. How great is it to be able to look your best and live it up?

Fun. Indulging means a serious sweat session’s to follow, but it’s worth it.

Which daytime pick-me-up sounds the most delish?
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Anything fresh and green … you don’t want to feel guilty indulging at dinner

High-protein dairy like string cheese or an organic yogurt

A mix of raisins and almonds

A protein-rich peanut butter and banana smoothie

The song on your MP3 player that’s guaranteed to put some pep in your step is:
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50 Cent’s “In Da Club”

Lady Gaga & Beyonce’s “Telephone”

Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry”

Pink’s “So What”

Your workout attire is best described as:
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Trendy sets that can double as streetwear

Cute sweats, layered tops and shades

Functional clothes that look good, like leggings and zip-ups

A hoodie, capri leggings and athletic shoes

Which physical feature are you most proud of?
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Without a doubt, your booty-shorts-worthy butt

Your curves; heads turn everywhere you go

Your tight and toned abs

Your perfect proportions

Your gym wants to expand their class offerings. Which of these would you vote for?
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Rock climbing

Boot camp


Aerial Silks Conditioning

Gorgeous weather’s in the forecast. You take advantage of the great outdoors with:
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A game of beach volleyball

A day at the beach – after a morning gym session, of course

A nice long jog

An afternoon bike ride

You’re traveling and have room for just one piece of workout equipment. You pack:
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A weighted ball


Sneaks for hiking

Resistance bands

The competitive event you’d most enjoy training for would be:
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“Dancing With the Stars”

The London Marathon

The Dog Marathon

Cirque du Soleil auditions

The only thing that can get between you and your workout is:
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The chance to do something off-the-wall, like skydive or bungee jump

Work – you’re serious about fitness, but business comes first

Romantic plans, like a concert or an exotic vacation

A massage appointment – you know when your body needs a break