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Are You a Germophobe?

by Beth Turner

Some people have no problems shaking a stranger’s hand, but others immediately break out their hand sanitizer and lather up. So where do you fall? Take our quiz below to find out if you are a germophobe!

How often do you sanitize or wash your hands a day?
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0-5 times

5-10 times

10+ times (at least!)

You meet a stranger at a business meeting and have to shake their hand, so you:
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Stay for the meeting, but try to make a point of washing up as soon as possible after

Say you forgot something at your desk so you can go use your hand sanitizer

Do nothing – just wash up the next time you’re in the bathroom

You open up your bag of Skittles, but one falls on the floor, so you:
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Throw it out immediately (so gross!)

Inspect it and decide that if it looks suspicious at all, you’ll toss it

Immediately pick it up and eat it – by the 10-second rule, it’s still good!

Do you eat off other people’s plates?
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Only your significant other’s

Not a chance

When you leave a public bathroom, what do you do?
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Try to grab the handle using your shirt sleeve

Simply open the door – with your hand – and walk out

Wait for someone to come in so you can sneak by them and never have to touch the door handle

The first thing you do when you get home from work/school is:
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Sit down and relax

Change your clothes

Take a shower

Would you ever take a sip of water from the bottle of a friend?
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No way!

Yeah, sure, why not?

Um, only if it’s a best friend you’ve known for years

How often do you wipe down your bathroom sink?
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The clerk at the deli sneezes into her hands before reaching into the cash register to get your change, so you:
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Tell her to keep it – even though it’s at least $5

Take it, but then sanitize right after

Throw your gloves on first and then take the change

In a restaurant, you turn the faucet on with:
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A towel of some sort

Your bare hands

You won’t use a faucet in a restaurant unless it turns on automatically

You realized on your girls' weekend away that you forgot your deodorant, so you:
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Don’t use any until you can buy a new one

Use your husband’s deodorant that he accidentally left in your travel bag

Borrow some from your friend

At your sister’s wedding, your Aunt Mildred slaps a big wet kiss on you. Lovely! So your plan is:
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Just leave it there – after all, you’ve been kissed by worse!

Grab the cocktail napkin in your hand and try to dab it away discreetly

Excuse yourself from the conversation so you can go and wipe it off immediately