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Which Dance Mom are you?

Which Dance Mom Are You?

by Laura Reineke

Are you outspoken like Christi? Headstrong like Kelly? Conniving like Cathy? Find out which Mom you are in the dance studio!

Your daughter is passed over for a solo you feel she deserves. What's your plan?
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Protest the decision immediately - and loudly.

Simmer with rage while you plot your next move.

Let it go. She'll get a solo next time.

Go around Abby to figure out a new solo.

Freak out!

Appeal to Abby's better judgment with a well-reasoned argument.

Your tiny dancer has been slacking during routines. How do you react?
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Scold her in front of the group. Embarrassment breeds discipline!

Let it go. Everyone has an off day once in a while.

Blame Abby.

Pull your daughter aside to talk it out.

Seek out opportunities where your daughter might be happier.

Threaten to pull her from the competition team.

A genie grants you three wishes. What do you wish for first?
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World peace

Enormous success for your daughter

Enormous success for yourself

Your own dance company

A national championship

A nap

You and the other moms sit down to play the board game "Clue." What's your weapon of choice?
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Lead pipe.




Which word would your friends say best describes you?
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Which shade of pink do you prefer?
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Dusty pink.

Hot pink.



Light pink.

Pink is a terrible color.

You've had a rough day at work. What do you do to unwind?
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Spend time with your family

Pop open a bottle of wine

Go to bed early. Tomorow will be better

Curl up with a good book or a few episodes of your favorite TV show

Give your best friend a call

Head out for a night on the town

Your friends want to grab dinner at an Italian restaurant, but you're in the mood for sushi. What do you do?
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Get cranky but say nothing

Persuade them to go for sushi instead

Break off from the group so you can eat where you want

Go along with their plan, but make sure to convey how annoyed you are

Suggest splitting up the group for dinner and meeting for drinks after

Decide you're in the mood for Italian after all

What's your ideal vacation scenario?
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A week at home, relaxing and getting caught up on errands.

Bright lights in the big city -- New York City, to be exact.

A beautiful day at a theme park with your family.

A cruise so I don't get bored with one location.

Anywhere with strong drinks and a good masseuse.

A city abroad with rich culture and history, like Rome or Paris.

If you could wake up tomorrow with a new career, which line of work would you choose?
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A chef in a five-star restaurant named after you

A Tony-winning choreographer

Why change? Life is great!

CEO of a Fortune 500 company

A news anchor on a respected network

An Oscar-winning actress