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Which City Is Your Foodie Haven?

by Annemarie Dooling

You've hit all the restaurants, food trucks and cafes in your town — now it's time to hit the road and expand your palate. But where should you go? Take our quiz to decide your next destination!

It's Saturday night. You're most likely:
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In the kitchen, testing out recipes with your family

Checking out an art exhibit

At sample sales making those cash registers hum!

Out listening to live music

You find new places to eat by:
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Checking out Zagat and Michelin guides

Reading reviews on the Internet

Keeping an eye out when walking around town

Getting recommendations from friends and family

When you stay in, your go-to take-out meal is:
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Barbecue and smoked meats

Pizza, pizza, and more pizza

Fried chicken and soul food

Nothing, you'd rather cook

When you're out grabbing a bite with buds, you prefer your meals to be:
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Eclectic: small plates, large plates, spicy, sweet, sour. If it's edible, you'll try it.

Super speedy. You have places to be.

A big formal affair with multiple courses and wine or beer tastings.

Filling comfort food. The bigger the portions, the better.

You prefer to drink:
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A strong mixed cocktail

A glass of wine

A nice cold beer

Anything that's bubbly

It's dessert time! You order: …
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Anything that's fruit-based

Childhood faves like doughnuts and cake

A big scoop of gelato. Yum!

Old-fashioned pie with a flaky crust

During business hours, lunch with your co-workers is usually:
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From one of the best neighborhood food trucks

At 5-star restaurants because they're less crowded then

Out at the park so you can get some fresh air

Delivered to the office because you're all super busy

When you stay at a hotel, the minibar amenity you enjoy the most is:
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A great big chocolate bar

A variety of sample-sized wines

Specialty treats from the neighborhood

None of the above — local eateries beat the mini-fridge any day

The ingredient you could never do without is:
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Tomatoes. They go well with everything.

Any seafood, but lobster is really amazing.

Every recipe could do with a little salt.

Peppers: green, spicy, jalapeno. You love them all.

The best meal you've ever had in your life was:
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Out of town in a new city. Your taste buds love to hit the road.

At a small local joint that makes the best home-cooked meals

Five rich courses at a top-rated eatery in town. Magnificent!

Homemade food with friends and family that took hours to make and enjoy