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"Witches of East End" Season 1 Trivia

by Rachel Cohen

Are you a wizard when it comes to keeping tabs on the magical and oh-so-dramatic lives of the Beauchamp family? Find out if you've got true trivia power by taking this test on the first season of "Witches of East End!" Check out more exclusive content on myLifetime.com.

Who does Freya accidentally cause to choke at her engagement party?
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Penelope Gardiner

Maura Thatcher

Wendy Beauchamp

Adam Noble

Ingrid and Freya are cursed to die before what age?
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What does Freya dream about the night before her engagement party?
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Dying tragically in a fire

Being accused of witchcraft

Getting trapped in a painting

Falling for a mystery man

What type of spell did Ingrid cast on Wendy in Season 1?
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A resurrection spell

A sanctuary spell

A past life spell

A binding spell

What spell did Freya cast to gather the feuding Gardiner boys together for dinner?
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A bonfire spell

A balancing spell

A beacon spell

A brothers spell

What ingredient does Wendy include in a spell to silence Mrs. Thatcher during a court trial?
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Butterfly wings

Black orchid petals

Salamander tails

Porcupine quills

Who inadvertently dies because of a spell Ingrid cast on Wendy?
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Bill Thatcher

Adam Noble

Hudson Rafferty

Harrison Welles

According to Wendy, how can a ghost hurt someone?
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Controlling temperatures

Moving objects

Harnessing electricity

Eliminating oxygen

Who accidentally kills Ingrid in a magical mishap?
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Archibald Browning

Freya Beauchamp

Wendy Beauchamp

Althena Browning

Which Beauchamp was going to marry Archibald Browning?
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Wendy Beauchamp

Joanna Beauchamp

Ingrid Beauchamp

Freya Beauchamp

Dash and his lab assistant were exposed to what deadly plant?
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Homicidium Arboris

Ramus Moritum

Mortal Muerte

Planta Asesinato

Who else appeared with Ingrid in an old photo from her last life?
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Killian Gardiner

Althena Browning

Archibald Browning

Dash Gardiner

What did Joanna steal from Archibald Browning?
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The Golden Snake's Oculi

The Golden Serpent's Lingua

The Golden Serpent's Clavem

The Golden Reptile's Tergum

What did Joanna and Wendy use to try to reveal the shape shifter's identity?
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A blank photograph

A school blackboard

A painting canvas

A concrete slab

What is the name of Joanna's son?
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Who vowed to kill Joanna if she returns to her homeland?
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Her mother

Her spouse

Her father

Her son

What is the name of the place the Beauchamp family came from?
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Ingrid and Freya's long-lost father holds what profession?
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What is the name of Freya's soulmate from a previous life?
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