Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Which TV Super Sleuth Are You?

by Leslie Koch

What kind of problem-solver are you? Are you slow and steady like the "Murder She Wrote" heroine or sexy and confident like "Magnum PI"? Take our latest quiz and find out which TV sleuth is your twin!

Which song title best describes your life?
1 of 10 questions

"A Woman's Worth" by Alicia Keys

"She Works Hard for the Money" by Donna Summer

"Crazy" by Aerosmith

"Old and Wise" by Alan Parsons Project

"I Wanna Have Some Fun" by Samantha Fox

You're enjoying a lazy Sunday in the park when you come across a lost child. What do you do?
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Drive him around town to see if he recognizes his home

Scold him for wandering off, and roll your eyes when he starts to cry

Start quizzing him about his name and address so you can track down his parents

Comfort him with a big hug and assure him that help is coming

Call the police on your cell phone while keeping a safe distance

If you could live in any of these homes, which would you chose?
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Cozy apartment in New York City

Classic brownstone in San Francisco

Modern apartment in Los Angeles

Beach bungalow in Hawaii

Cottage by the sea in New England

You're going to dinner with a group of girlfriends tonight. How will you dress?
4 of 10 questions

Casual: Cable-knit sweater, polo shirt and khaki pants

Sexy: Mini-skirt and floral blouse

Sophisticated: Black top, black pants and heels

Basic: You'll wear whatever's on top of the laundry pile

Business formal: Fitted blazer and pencil skirt

How do you get to work each morning?
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Flashy sports car

Powerful SUV


How do you typically spend your lunch break at work?
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Grabbing a pretzel from a food cart

Snacking on candy bars at the office

Enjoying a balanced meal at a restaurant

Drinking a cold beer at an outdoor café

Eating a sandwich you brought from home

What might people say about you behind your back?
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You should stop meddling in other people's business

You should focus on yourself instead of solving other people's problems

You need to chill out and not sweat the small stuff

You should bite your tongue sometimes

You're immature

There's a thief in your office! Someone has been stealing cell phones from employees' cubicles. How will you catch the culprit?
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Start interviewing everyone in the office. When you find a suspect, talk him into a corner until he confesses.

Carefully collect evidence and conduct interviews. Ask the office's bumbling security guard to provide backup when you confront the suspect.

Quietly collect clues without telling co-workers, then confront the thief in a conference room and hope someone walks by if you need backup

Recruit a group of friends to investigate. Tell them what to do while you relax and wait for their findings.

Put yourself in the mind-set of co-workers who've had their phones stolen. Ask them for insight on who could do such a horrible thing.

Warm weather has arrived! What are your plans for Saturday?
9 of 10 questions

Watching TV at home

Playing sports with friends

Catching up on work at the office

Volunteering as a Big Sister to a troubled child

Traveling to a far-off destination

What are your holidays usually like?
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You play Santa Claus at a charity event

You have pleasant conversations with your relatives

You don't have much family, so holidays are usually quiet

Your parents grill you about your love life and career — and seem to disapprove

You spend the day cleaning until the house is up to your standards