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Which Prime-Time TV Star Are You?

by Carla Hay

Take our quiz to find out which celebrity you would be if you starred in a prime-time TV program.

It’s Halloween, and you’re going to a costume party. Which type of outfit are you most likely to wear that best reflects your personality?
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Your friends are most likely to ask advice from you when they:
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Want to know about the hottest parties and nightclubs

Are looking for tips on how to improve their careers

Need help on being diplomatic or motivating groups of people

Want to tell some good jokes to people they want to impress

Need someone who knows how to get through an emotional crisis

Your best friend has just been cruelly dumped by her significant other. What will most likely happen?
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You’ll have lots of crying marathons with her and wallow in the pain

You’ll trash your friend’s ex on your blog and warn other people not to date him

You and your friend will crank-call her ex once or twice

You and your friend will dig up dirt on her ex and make sure he gets in trouble for it

You’ll give her advice on how to move on with her life

If you lived in a house with several people and there was a dispute, you’d be the person most likely to:
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Take someone’s side and fight vigorously for that person to win

Cause the dispute, because you like the attention and you’re stubborn about getting your own way

Keep the peace by remaining neutral and trying to resolve the dispute

Ease the tension by cracking jokes

Cry or yell about how much you hate it when people fight

How would you describe your love life?
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You’ve had your heart broken in the past, but your love life is relatively stable compared to a lot of other people’s. That’s why people often come to you for relationship advice.

Your love life is a revolving door of “bad boys” whom you consider a challenge or relatively good guys you end up dumping when you get bored with them. It’s hard for you to have a committed relationship for more than five years.

You don’t fall in love easily and you have commitment issues, but when you do fall in love, you’re extremely passionate in the relationship. You have workaholic tendencies, which often have a negative effect on your love life.

You’re able to laugh about and move on from relationships that have hurt you. But your sense of humor often masks your vulnerable side that’s serious about being with the right romantic partner.

You could write a book about all the heartbreak you’ve experienced in your love life. A lot of your relationships have been affected by criminal behavior, substance abuse or death.

If you won an Emmy, what would you be most likely to say in your acceptance speech?
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“I’d like to thank all the people who were crazy enough to vote for me. I wish all of my bad relationships were as funny as they are on TV.”

“Thanks to everyone who put up with all the cameras. And to everyone who ever laughed at me: Who’s laughing now?”

“This award isn’t just for me. It’s for all the people who actually lived through the heart-wrenching life I just played on TV.”

“I share this award with the producers, the crew and all the people who allowed me to be part of their lives on this show.”

“I want to give my biggest thank-you to my family and friends, who put up with my long hours on the set. Luckily, I’m not as serious as my character, or else I probably wouldn’t have any family or friends left.”

Which movie character do you identify with the most?
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Michelle Pfeiffer as Louanne Johnson in "Dangerous Minds": a woman who’s great at leading people with a variety of backgrounds and personalities

Cameron Diaz as Mary Jensen in “There’s Something About Mary”: a woman who’s not afraid to be a goofball to get people to like her

Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich in “Erin Brockovich”: a woman who overcomes challenges in her continuing quest for truth and justice

Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater in “Titanic”: a woman who makes huge sacrifices for love but who experiences heartache and tragedy

Winona Ryder as Lelaina Pierce in “Reality Bites”: a woman who’s torn between being a fun-loving party girl and being a responsible adult

You’re stuck in the middle of a bad date. What’s probably going through your mind?
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“How do I get out of this date? There’s no way I’m giving this person another chance.”

“I hope other people are watching so they can see how great I am, and maybe someone better will come along.”

“I’ll show my date how to have a good time, and maybe we could both learn something.”

“I’ll try to find the humor in this situation. Someday I may look back on this and laugh.”

“What did I do to deserve to be on a date with such a loser? I think I’m going to cry.”

If you starred in a TV show, you would most likely use your fame to:
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Become a spokesperson for health or beauty products and services

Bring attention to your favorite social and political causes

Give lectures or write books in your field of expertise

Launch another career as a singer or fashion designer

Become a sitcom producer or write a humorous book or screenplay

What’s the most scandalous thing about your life?
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You’ve had an affair with a boss, coworker or married person

You played a prank that went too far or said a joke that was so offensive that you had to make amends for it

You’ve gotten into a nasty conflict with another woman over a man or a job

You or a loved one have been abused or have a serious addiction problem

You’ve been arrested, you’ve posed for nude photos or you’ve done a sex video