Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Which Kowalski Kid Are You?

by lifetimeproducer

Where would you fit in at the Kowalski family table? Take our quiz to find out which sibling matches your personality!

In your family, you are the:
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Older sibling

Middle child

Younger sibling


When it comes to family, what role do you most often play?
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The golden child

The squeaky wheel

The instigator

The peacemaker

What's your relationship status?
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Married with kids


Single and happy

How would your friends describe you?
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Quiet but funny

When a family member makes a choice that you disagree with, what do you do?
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Let's be real ─ it was probably you who made the controversial choice

Stay out of it

Give them the cold shoulder

Support them, despite your differences