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Matt Damon is in this week's pop-culture quiz

Weekly Pop Quiz: MTV, Matt Damon, Roseanne Barr, President Obama and more!

by LifetimeElla

Were you paying attention to late-breaking trends, gossip and major milestones in entertainment? Prove you weren't living under a rock all week and take our pop-culture quiz!

Both President Obama and MTV celebrated milestone birthdays this week. How old are they, respectively?
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President Obama is 50 years old and MTV is 50 years old

President Obama is 60 years old and MTV is 20 years old

President Obama is 50 years old and MTV is 30 years old

President Obama is 40 years old and MTV is 30 years old

Major media organizations fell for a hoax and reported it as news. What fake study did they believe to be real?
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Internet Explorer users have lower IQs

iPhone owners are more likely to be in debt

AOL email users still think the year is 1999

Firefox users spend more time on the internet

A research team from Seoul National University created a genetically modified dog. What makes this Beagle different?
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She is hypoallergenic and resistant to fleas and ticks

She scoops her own poop

She glows in the dark

She runs and jumps like a mountain lion

A video of Matt Damon and his mom arguing with a reporter and cameraman went viral this week. Who were they defending?
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President Obama


Ben Affleck

Professional actors

Which British actor survived a destructive crash in his $1.1 million McLaren F1 supercar?
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Hugh Laurie

Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson)

Anthony Hopkins

Colin Firth

While appearing on "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno” to talk about her Lifetime show “Roseanne’s Nuts,” Roseanne Barr announced:
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She plans to run for President of the United States

She’s pregnant

She's training for a marathon

She’s marrying her longtime boyfriend

Marvel Comics revealed that a classic superhero in their parallel universe series will be a half-black, half-Hispanic teen. Which character is it?
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The Hulk

What colorful expression did Emanuel Cleaver (D-MO) use to describe the government’s debt ceiling deal?
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Satan fries

The devil’s dessert

A Satan sandwich

A Satan salad

Which Southeast Asian country elected its first female prime minister this week?
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Which animal ran away from the Central Park Zoo for a more upscale location in New York City, and then voluntarily returned home the next day?
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