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Alex Trebek is in this week's pop-culture quiz

Weekly Pop Quiz: McDonald's, Alex Trebek, HSN, Julia Roberts and more!

by LifetimeElla

Were you paying attention to late-breaking trends, gossip and major milestones in entertainment? Prove you weren't living under a rock all week and take our pop-culture quiz!

Fast-food favorite McDonald’s announced plans to make children’s Happy Meals less caloric. What’s one of the changes?
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Burgers will no longer have buns

The portion size of fries will shrink

The fries will be replaced with raisins

The burgers will be meatless, fat-free patties

A video of a famous singer-actress exhibiting unusual behavior while selling products from her fashion line on HSN went viral. Who was it?
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Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey

Jessica Simpson

According to baby-name website Nameberry, which name has been at the top of the search list in 2011?
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“Jeopardy” host Alex Trebek is recovering from an injury he acquired while chasing an alleged robber. Where did he discover the suspected thief?
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In his San Francisco hotel room

Lurking outside the “Jeopardy” studio

At his vacation home in Palm Springs

In Vanna White’s dressing room

Soliciting celebrity dates via YouTube video is the hottest trend for Marines attending the Marine Corps Ball this fall. Which star turned down an invitation but sent a case of champagne as a consolation prize?
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Mila Kunis

Linda Hamilton

Scarlett Johansson

Betty White

Football fans are metaphorically spiking the pigskin in celebration over the NFL lockout ending. How long did the negotiation process last?
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Four weeks

Four and a half months

Fourteen months

Fourteen days

What’s the latest on the British protestor who hit Rupert Murdoch with a pie during a parliamentary hearing about the NOTW hacking scandal?
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He is selling his recipe for cream pies

He pled not guilty to disturbing the peace

He was convicted of assault and causing harassment

He now has a reality TV show deal

Tragically, soulful singer Amy Winehouse passed away at age 27. What discovery was made days after the talented performer died?
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Her diary

Letters handwritten by Winehouse

Unseen tour photos

Unreleased music by Winehouse

What complaints prompted L’Oréal and Maybelline to remove ads in the U.K. featuring Julia Roberts and Christy Turlington?
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The women’s photos were too retouched

The women were scantily clad

The products have negative side effects

U.K. consumers demand to see U.K. celebrities selling cosmetics

“Project Runway” is back on Thursday nights at 9/8c on Lifetime! Who was the celebrity guest judge in the first episode of Season 9?
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Christina Ricci

Jessica Simpson

Khloe Kardashian

Heidi Montag