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Nora Roberts Quiz

Ultimate Nora Roberts Trivia

by Erin Cassin

Nora Roberts knows how to spin a sizzling tale with her signature blend of romance and suspense. Take our quiz to see how much you know about her captivating characters who came to life in eight Lifetime movies!
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At the start of "Angels Fall," we find out that main character Reese Gilmore has been unable to settle down ever since:
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Her ex-husband attacked her

She was accused of a murder she didn't commit

Her son died

Her best friend was killed in front of her

Reese seems wary of getting attached to anyone in "Angels Fall," but she soon finds herself falling for handsome mystery writer Brody, who used to be a:
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Police officer


Ranch hand


Reese eventually finds out in "Angels Fall" that before moving to Wyoming, Brody lived in:
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Boston, Massachusetts

Los Angeles, California

Chicago, Illinois

Detroit, Michigan

What is the nickname of Joanie's son in "Angels Fall"?
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True or false: At the end of "Angels Fall," we find out that Reese imagined the murder of the woman at the edge of the river.
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What is the name of the eatery where Reese gets a job in "Angels Fall"?
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Angel Food Diner

Angel Fall's Diner

Joanie's Joint

Doc's Diner

What unexpected item does Reese find in her refrigerator that makes her start to doubt her sanity?
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Marked-up map

Orange hat



When do the three half-sisters in "Montana Sky" first meet each other?
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At their father's wedding

At their mother's murder trial

At their father's funeral

At their half-brother's wedding

At the beginning of "Montana Sky," Tess Mercy decides to stay on the ranch with her sisters when she is told:
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Her sister Willa doesn't want her to leave

Her share of the ranch is worth $8 million

There is a murderer on the loose

Nate plans to ask her out to dinner

Who is Pickles in "Montana Sky"?
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The ranch's herding dog

Willa's horse

A ranch hand

The housekeeper at the ranch

Lily Mercy shows up to the ranch with bruises at the start of "Montana Sky." How did she get them?
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Her ex-husband beat her

She fell off a horse

Her boyfriend punched her

She fought with her murder victim

What is the name of the ranch that Willa's neighbor, Ben McKinnon, owns in "Montana Sky"?
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Mercy Ranch

Sky Ranch

Three Rocks Ranch

McKinnon Ranch

In "Montana Sky," Adam Wolfchild is a ranch hand and also:
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Tess' love interest

The killer who is terrorizing the ranch

A part-time deputy sheriff

Willa's half brother

Tory Bodeen is the heroine of "Carolina Moon" who possesses a special power that allows her to:
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See into the future

Look into the past

Cast love spells

Heal people's physical injuries

At the start of "Carolina Moon," we find out that when Tory was a child, somebody close to her died. Who was it?
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Her best friend

Her father

Her twin sister

Her cousin

In "Carolina Moon," Wade Mooney is Tory's cousin who works as a:
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Bank manager

What is the name of the plantation owned by the Lavelle family in "Carolina Moon"?
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Beauté Éternelle

Beaux Reves

Lavelle Manor

Le Manoir de la Lune

During a confrontation with Margaret Lavelle, Tory finds out the real reason her family left Progress when she was a child. What was it?
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Hope's father tried to kill Tory's father

Tory's father had a vision from God telling him to leave

Margaret Lavelle paid Tory's father to move away

The Lavelle family threatened to take Tory away from her parents

In "Blue Smoke," heroine Reena Hale first meets her mentor, John Minger, when:
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He rescues her from a fire in her family's restaurant

He arrives to investigate a fire that destroyed her family's restaurant

She is paired up with him when she joins the Baltimore Police Department

She is assigned to his course during her training to be an arson investigator

Josh was Reena's first boyfriend in "Blue Smoke." The pair met in college, where Josh was studying to be:
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An engineer

A poet

An arson investigator

A teacher

Reena eventually finds out in "Blue Smoke" that Josh's death was the result of a:
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Calculated murder

Shocking suicide

Tragic accident

Cover-up to fake his own death

On the night of his death, Reena's boyfriend Hugh in "Blue Smoke" was planning to:
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Cook for her

Break up with her

Propose to her

Reveal a major secret

It is love at first sight for Reena's eventual love interest, Bo Goodnight, when he spots her at a party in "Blue Smoke." However, he doesn't get to actually meet Reena until which event occurs?
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He saves her from an exploding truck

She moves in next door to him

Her father hires him to rebuild the family's restaurant

She interviews him as a witness in a case she is investigating

What is the name of the restaurant in "Blue Smoke" that Reena's family owns?
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What does the killer sell to Hugh in "Blue Smoke"?
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An engagement ring


A truck


In "Northern Lights," Nate Burns moves to Lunacy, Alaska, to work as a:
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Police chief




Right after Nate in "Northern Lights" steps off the plane that brought him to Lunacy, he catches a glimpse of his eventual love interest, Meg Galligan. He officially meets her for the first time when:
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Nate needs Meg's help investigating the death of Pat Galligan

Nate and Meg both attend a New Year's Eve party

Nate is called to break up a fight between Meg and her mother

Nate asks Meg to fly him up the side of the mountain to search for stranded climbers

What is a main source of conflict between Meg Galligan and her mother, Charlene, in "Northern Lights"?
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Meg's father abandoning them years before

Charlene forbidding Meg to move away from their town

Charlene marrying her longtime admirer John

Meg becoming a pilot

What animal was baited with moose meat in "Northern Lights" to put both Nate and Meg's dog Rocky in danger?
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What is the name of the weekly newspaper in "Northern Lights" that Max Hawbacker owns?
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The Lunatic

The Lunacy Ledger

Northern Exposure

Lone Wolf Weekly

What was Pat Galligan's nickname for one of his climbing companions in "Northern Lights"?
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Luke Skywalker

Lone Wolf

Anakin Skywalker

Darth Vader

In "Midnight Bayou," main character Declan Fitzpatrick first stumbles upon the haunted mansion Manet Hall while on a trip to New Orleans. What celebration is under way?
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Mardi Gras

Saint Patrick's Day

Jazz Festival

New Year's Eve

Declan eventually buys Manet Hall and falls for saucy New Orleans local Lena Simone, whose grandmother tries to pair them up at the start of "Midnight Bayou." What is the name of Lena's grandmother?
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Lena owns which of these establishments in "Midnight Bayou"?
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Real estate office


Jewelry store

Law practice

Declan is shocked when Odette shows him photos of her ancestors in "Midnight Bayou" and the people in the portraits look exactly like:
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The ghosts that are haunting Manet Hall

Declan's own ancestors

The relatives of Declan's ex-fiancée

A family that Declan was hired to find

Which person upsets Lena by showing up uninvited to see her in "Midnight Bayou"?
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Her father

Her mother

Her ex-husband

Her brother

At the end of "Midnight Bayou," Declan finds out the real reason why Abigail Manet had disappeared from Manet Hall more than a century ago. What was it?
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Abigail was murdered by her brother-in-law

Abigail's mother-in-law paid her to leave

Abigail had an affair with her brother-in-law

Abigail found out about her husband's mistress

What does hostage negotiator Phoebe McNamara offer to Joe, the man she is trying to talk off a ledge at the start of "High Noon"?
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A beer

A gun

In "High Noon," Phoebe's mother, Esse, suffers from:
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True or false: Officer Arnie Meeks is the person in "High Noon" who attacked Phoebe in the stairwell of the police precinct.
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On her first date with Duncan Swift in "High Noon," Phoebe reveals that she discovered the following secret about him:
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He worked as a police officer for 10 years

He is the son of a billionaire

He lost his brother in a tragic accident

He won $100 million in the lottery

In "High Noon," who is the person that Phoebe is called in to save at Rolling Hills Cemetery?
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Duncan's best friend

Her ex-husband

Her boss

Her daughter

In "High Noon," Phoebe's stalker can be heard whistling a tune outside her house that is eventually identified as the theme song to which movie?
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"Distant Drums"

"High Noon"

"Blaze of Noon"

"From Noon Till Three"

In "Tribute," heroine Cilla McGowan has left Hollywood behind and moved into a farmhouse in Virginia that used to belong to:
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Cilla's grandmother

Cilla's father

Cilla's ex-husband

Cilla's uncle

In "Tribute," Cilla has given up on acting and is now focused on a new career. At one point, she even takes an exam to obtain the following license:
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Cosmetology license

Real estate license

Contractor's license

Architect's license

Shortly after "Tribute" starts, Cilla's neighbor Ford Sawyer shows up at her place with a bottle of wine that he offers as "payment in advance," with the hope that she will grant him the following favor:
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Pose as a model for the character in his upcoming graphic novel

Autograph a publicity photo from her old TV series

Give him her opinion on his proposed home renovations

Allow him to interview her for the local paper

While rummaging through some of the possessions that once belonged to her dead grandmother Janet Hardy in "Tribute," what does Cilla discover?
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Old photos of twin girls who look just like her grandmother

Unsigned love letters addressed to her grandmother

Her grandmother's journal

A watch engraved with a mysterious message

What was Janet Hardy's real name in "Tribute"?
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In "Tribute," Cilla eventually finds out that Carl Hennessy has never forgiven her grandmother Janet for the death of his son. How did the son die?
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He was killed in a car accident and Janet's drunken son was the driver

Janet accidentally ran him over with her car while she was drunk

He committed suicide after learning that Janet was pregnant with his father's child

He overdosed on drugs during a wild party at Janet's house

What tips Ford off to the identity of the married man in "Tribute" who once had an affair with Janet Hardy?
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He finds a love letter from Janet addressed to the man

He overhears the man arguing with his wife about the affair

He spies the man's cuff links, which match a description in Janet's diary

He spots the man's distinctive handwriting on a card