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A women's tennis controversy is in this week's Pop Culture quiz

This Week's Pop Quiz: 6/24/11

by LifetimeElla

Were you paying attention to late-breaking trends, gossip and major milestones in entertainment? Prove you weren't living under a rock all week and take our pop-culture quiz!

Alyssa Campanella, Miss California, took the crown in the Miss USA pageant, which was broadcast live from Las Vegas. What was the topic of her final question?
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Anthony Weiner

Global warming

Marijuana legalization

Marriage equality

Fans are mourning legendary saxophone player Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band. What was his nickname?
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The Soul Man

The Big Man

The Giant

The Man

Which well-known figure recently filed paperwork to trademark his or her name?
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Sarah Palin

Justin Bieber

Kim Kardashian

Donald Trump

Creating an uproar in the sports world, the chief executive of a tennis organization has called for women players to:
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Dress more conservatively on the court

Wear perfume when they play

Dress more provocatively during matches

Make fewer grunting noises while playing

Which county fair food went viral this week, trending on Twitter and creating online buzz?
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Fried Kool-Aid

Fried pickles

Pizza-flavored cotton candy


Retail giant Wal-Mart was a major topic of conversation this week. Why?
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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Wal-Mart regarding advancement of a lawsuit

Wal-Mart won a lawsuit claiming their smiley-face logo violates copyright laws

A female Wal-Mart shopper jumped on the car of thieves who stole beer from the store

A female Wal-Mart employee chased after three men who took beer without paying

Both A & C

What did an armed hostage taker do online during a 16-hour standoff with SWAT officers in Utah?
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Shopped online for weapons and bulletproof vests

Sent Twitter pictures of his five hostages

Updated his Facebook status with details about the situation

Googled “how to get $ for hostages”

Which city announced plans to build the world’s first Smurf Village in honor of the upcoming Smurfs 3-D movie?
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New York

Abu Dhabi




Irishman Rory McIlroy is the youngest golfer in history to win a U.S. Open. How old is he?
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Notorious killer Whitey Bulger was caught by the FBI after 16 years on the run from law enforcement. Who is his brother?
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A fellow mobster who was incarcerated 10 years ago

The former leader of the Massachusetts State Senate

An award-winning Boston newspaper reporter

The former mayor of Boston