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Vancouver Rioting is in this week's Pop Culture quiz

This Week's Pop Quiz: 6/17/11

by LifetimeElla

Were you paying attention to late-breaking trends, gossip and major milestones in entertainment? Prove you weren't living under a rock all week and take our pop-culture quiz!

After three weeks of fallout from the exposure of his lewd online messages and pictures, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) resigned in a press conference. What unexpectedly interrupted his scripted resignation speech?
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A heckler yelled rude questions.

Weiner cried uncontrollably.

A heckler threw confetti on Weiner.

Weiner’s wife walked off the podium.

Hugh Hefner’s fiancee is a runaway bride. What did Crystal Harris tell Ryan Seacrest is the reason she called off her wedding to America’s playboy?
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Their 40-year age difference was too high.

She’s in love with someone else.

She doesn’t want to marry someone with his lifestyle.

She wants children and Hefner doesn’t.

On his 18th birthday, a Filipino teen was declared the world’s shortest man by Guinness World Records. How tall is he?
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26.4 inches

23.5 inches

30.1 inches

22.9 inches

What happened to the infamous meat dress worn by Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards?
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It was sold at a charity auction and bought by a fan for $250,000.

It’s on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Lady Gaga surprised an audience by wearing it onstage at a recent concert.

It was fed to a family of hungry mountain lions in Montana.

Why was actress Selena Gomez hospitalized this week?
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A broken leg

An injured wrist

Riot police in Vancouver had to use tear gas and sheer force to control violent mobs. What sparked thousands of Canadians to storm the streets?
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They were protesting government-run healthcare.

Citizens objected to recent announcements about the nation’s budget.

It began as a victory celebration for the Vancouver Canucks winning the Stanley Cup.

The Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup.

Which famous actress flubbed her line in the opening song-and-dance number at the Tony Awards, hosted by Neil Patrick Harris?
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Kristin Chenoweth

Whoopi Goldberg

Brooke Shields

Sutton Foster

Congratulations to actress Natalie Portman! She’s:
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Newly married

A new mom to a baby girl

A new mom to a baby boy

The proud owner of a new $1 billion home

Why was “#heatlockerroomplaylist” a trending topic on Twitter this week?
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A famous musician visited the Miami Heat locker room before the final game.

The Miami Heat lost the NBA Championship.

The Miami Heat won the NBA title.

A list of strategic plays for the NBA finals was stolen from the Miami Heat locker room.

Which popular 1980s toy may be getting a brand-new TV special?
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Rainbow Brite

Cabbage Patch Kids

Garbage Pail Kids

Care Bears