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Project Runway All Stars Quiz

Project Runway All Stars Quiz

by Jennifer B. Goldman, Caitlin Bergmann and Lisa Raphael

Take the "Project Runway All Stars" Quiz and revisit your favorite "Project Runway" challenges — from dramatic conflicts in the workroom to wow moments on the runway. Test your memory of past contestants as they gear up for a second chance to blow away the judges, on this season of "Project Runway All Stars."

When Season 1 contestants made clothes out of supermarket items, which material did Austin Scarlett use to make a dress?
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Shower curtains



Banana peels


Rami Kashou often showed his signature talent for:
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Mixing prints

Choosing notions



Using shoulder pads

Kenley Collins said she "totally freaked out" when she found out the designers would be creating a cocktail dress for this guest judge in Season 5:
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Natalie Portman

Brooke Shields

Kim Kardashian

Victoria Beckham

Christina Ricci

Kara Janx was voted out in the final elimination challenge of Season 2 after making an evening dress for which supermodel:
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Cindy Crawford

Heidi Klum

Alessandra Ambrosio

Molly Sims

In Season 7, when designers created their own printed fabric, what was Tim Gunn's criticism of Mila Hermanovski's maxi dress with colorfully striped side panels?
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Too many buttons

Outdated look

Busy print

Too-short hem

Too Crayola

During Season 4 of "Project Runway," which of Elisa Jimenez's designs made the Top 3?
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Menswear for Tiki Barber

Outfit made of Hershey's candy

Garment for Sarah Jessica Parker's line

Prom dress

Garbage bag dress

Fellow Season 8 designers who were critical of Michael Costello (aka "Michael C.") claimed that he didn't know how to:
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In Season 5, judge Michael Kors said the wedding gown Kenley made of feathers for Fashion Week was similar to what famous designer's work?
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Oscar de la Renta

Alexander McQueen

Monique Lhuillier

Betsey Johnson

Donna Karan

Who was Austin's co-star in a TV series that took place "On the Road"?
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Nick Verreos

Andrae Gonzalo

Daniel Franco

Santino Rice

Jay McCarroll

In Season 7, Anthony Williams won a challenge where Heidi Klum wore his design on the cover of:
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Marie Claire





Which socialite did Kara and her fellow Season 2 contestants design a dress for?
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Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie

Nicky Hilton

Brittny Gastineau

Olivia Palermo

After a trip to the beach, Season 6 designers Gordana Gehlhausen and Nicolas Putvinski paired up to create an outfit and an additional avant-garde look inspired by:
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Found beach items



Volleyball players

Mondo Guerra got mad at another Season 8 designer during a team challenge but later apologized. Who was it?
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Gretchen Jones

Michael Drummond

April Johnston

Michael Costello

Ivy Higa

Season 5 designer Jerell Scott created a nature-inspired winning look after a trip to the:
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Central Park

New York Botanical Garden

American Museum of Natural History

Bronx Zoo

Governors Island

Rami won the "Eye Candy" challenge in Season 4 by making a skirt out of what type of candy wrappers?
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Hershey Kisses



York Peppermint Patty

Mr. Goodbar

During Season 8, when April Johnston designed shorts to go with an avant-garde hat, Tim told her the color and cut made them look like:
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Lady Gaga's leftovers

A diaper

Men's underwear

A superhero costume

A vintage bathing suit

In Season 7, Anthony was eliminated but returned later in the competition. Why?
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To assist on the final collections

There was a double elimination

The designers were given the option to bring someone back

To judge a challenge with fellow auf'ed contestants

Another contestant withdrew

When the designers created a stage look for Christina Aguilera on Season 6, Heidi told Gordana she was in because she:
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Chose the perfect colors

Had immunity

Sewed her garment flawlessly

Helped Althea

The judges wanted to see more from her

Where was Season 4 runner-up Rami Kashou born?
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In Season 8, Gretchen Jones threw Michael C. under the bus at judging during a group challenge. What was their team name?
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Pomp and Circumstance

Leather and Lingerie


Military and Lace


Gordana earned the last immunity on Season 6 - what challenge was it that she won?
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Revamp a divorcée's wedding gown

Draw inspiration from the Getty Center

Create a companion piece from one of their winning looks

Design a look based on one of seven destinations

Design a look for Christina Aguilera

In the Season 7 finale, Tim advised Mila to choose models for Fashion Week that DON'T look like:
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Gothic teens

Rock stars


Mila mini-me's

Actual models

In Season 5, Jerell won a challenge that required him and his teammate Jennifer to create an avant-garde outfit based on their:
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Astrological signs


Favorite holidays

Ethnic heritage

Favorite articles of clothing

Mondo revealed his HIV status during a Season 8 HP print challenge. What about his print hinted toward it?
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It was red for World AIDs Day

It was made of plus signs

The print resembled ribbons

It had names of his family members in it

The print had tiny "H" "I" "V" letters scattered throughout

In Season 1, for which celebrity did Austin design the Grammy dress that sent him home?
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Heidi Klum

Nancy O'Dell

Jennifer Lopez

Maria Menounos

Lindsay Lohan

In Season 8, Ivy Higa accused Michael C. of telling guests not to vote for her so they would give him more:
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Kara teamed up with Zulema Griffin in Season 2 to create a day-to-evening look for what clothing retailer?
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Michael Kors

Banana Republic

Tommy Hilfiger

J. Crew

Which New York City landmark was Michael C.'s inspiration in Season 8, Episode 12?
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Brooklyn Bridge

Statue of Liberty

Chrysler Building

Central Park

Empire State Building

When April Johnston took fans on a tour of her closet, which of these items did she NOT show off:
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Fur coats


Skinny jeans

In Season 4, Elisa was eliminated for a dress made out of supplies from the Hershey's store. Which fairy-tale character inspired her look?
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The old woman in Rapunzel

The Wicked Witch of the West

Little Miss Muffet


In her professional and artistic career, who of the following has Elisa NOT worked with:
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Sarah Jessica Parker

Britney Spears

"High School Musical"

In Season 7, when Mila paired up with Jonathan to create a high-end look, her winning design was a black-and-white, 1960s-inspired:
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Bathing suit




For which Olympic ice skater did Kara and the other Season 2 contestants design a costume?
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Michelle Kwan

Oksana Baiul

Sasha Cohen

Kim Yu-Na

Tonya Harding

Season 2 designer Kara Janx made it all the way to Fashion Week. True or False?
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Jerell teamed with Stella in Season 5 to create a day-to-night look for what TV series?
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"Lipstick Jungle"

"Suddenly Susan"

"That 70's Show"

"Cougar Town"

"Cashmere Mafia"

Inspired by a boat ride with Michael Kors in Season 8, April worked with Christopher Collins to create the winning design for what type of look?
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Red carpet

Business wear


Resort wear


Which of the following "Project Runway All Stars" designers has NOT made something for Heidi Klum to wear?
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Austin Scarlett

Rami Kashou

Mila Hermanovski

Mondo Guerra

Anthony Williams

In Season 5, what did Leanne Marshall give to Kenley to make her cocktail dress design more interesting?
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Sweet P was out after designing a dress based on which inspiration from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in a Season 4 challenge?
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A peacock


An Egyptian scarab

The Story of the Argonauts

Marie Françoise

In the Season 6 challenge requiring designers to base their looks on locations, Gordana's inspiration was New York City.
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When Anthony designed an evening gown inspired by the element of fire in Season 7, what color fabric did he use?
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As Season 4 designers raced into a warehouse and grabbed jeans to reconstruct for the Levi's denim challenge, Sweet P lost her:
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When Mondo transformed an old bridesmaid dress into a mod pink and white frock in Season 8, Michael Kors said the dress reminded him of:
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A bad tennis dress

Barbie clothes

Snooki in "The Flintstones"

Runaway flight attendent from the 60's


When contestants were designing costumes for female pro wrestlers, Tim said Sweet P's use of a feather boa reminded him of:
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Eva Gabor


Big Bird

Elton John

Cruella Deville

What technique did Kenley use in her Season 5 Fashion Week collection that the judges said Balenciaga had already done?
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Unfinished hems

Oversized buttons

Painting on fabric

Contrast stitching

Hidden zippers

In Season 8, April's eye shadow inspiration for the L'Oreal advertorial look was:
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In the Season 7 Reunion Special, Anthony made controversial remarks about:
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Mila Hermanovski

Tim Gunn

Maya Luz

Emilio Sosa

Heidi Klum

Which Season 8 challenge was Mondo in the bottom for?
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Resort wear challenge

Philip Treacy hat challenge

Team six-piece challenge

Bridesmaids dress challenge

Jackie O challenge

Which TV show has Mila not worked on costuming for?
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Dancing With the Stars

Mad Men


So You Think You Can Dance


Which NYC landmark inspired the look that sent April home in Season 8?
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Carnegie Hall

Brooklyn Bridge

New York Public Library

Radio City Music Hall

Statue of Liberty