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“How I Met Your Mother” Trivia

“How I Met Your Mother” Trivia

by Erin Cassin

Do you love “How I Met Your Mother” like Barney Stinson loves laser tag? Well then, drop some knowledge to prove what an awesome fan you are.

In Season 1, Ted wakes up after a night of drinking to find a sleeping woman and a piece of fruit in his bedroom and no memory of how they got there. This mysterious situation comes to be known as:
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The Pineapple Incident

The Strawberry Secret

The Mango Mystery

The Banana Extravaganza

One of Barney’s favorite ways of expressing enthusiasm is a:
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Fist pump

Karate kick

High five


A very lucky couple was married by this “How I Met Your Mother” cast member, who wed the pair during an appearance on “The Tonight Show.”
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Jason Segel

Neil Patrick Harris

Josh Radnor

Alyson Hannigan

Ladies’ man Barney and tomboy Robin find out in Season 1 that they share a love of:
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Robin has the surprising middle name of Charles, while the actress who plays her boasts which unusual first name?
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Ted and his friends stage interventions for each other that deal with everything from alcoholism to tanning addictions. Whose overuse of a fake British accent becomes the focus of one such intervention?
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The creators of “How I Met Your Mother” keep the awesomeness spilling over from your TV screen into various real websites mentioned on the show. Which one of these does NOT actually exist?
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To make Ted happy, Robin sends her five dogs to live at her aunt’s farm during Season 2. This plotline proved perfect for which cast member, who is actually allergic to dogs?
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Jason Segel

Josh Radnor

Cobie Smulders

Neil Patrick Harris

Although he loves to play pranks and make fun of his friends, Barney actually lives his life by a strict set of laws known as:
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The Magician’s Code

The Mosby Code

The Murtaugh List

The Bro Code

Ted and his friends love to get their drink on at which bar?
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MacLaren’s Pub

Hoser Hut

McGee’s Pub

Walleye Saloon

Robin’s closely guarded secret is revealed in Season 2, when her friends find out that she was a Canadian teen pop star. What was her hit single?
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“Make It Sparkle”

“Sandcastles in the Sky”

“Let’s Go to the Mall”

“Met You at the Mall”

Actress Alyson Hannigan’s on-screen and real-life loves appeared together when her husband, Alexis Denisof, guest-starred in the role of:
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Sandy Rivers

The Captain

Curt “Ironman” Irons


What’s the name of the caffeine-loaded soft drink that Ted and Marshall drank on crazy road trips during their college days?
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Lily is forced to take a humiliating job as a waitress at an over-the-top theme restaurant, where her friends show up just to embarrass her in Season 2. Which restaurant is it?
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Giddy Up

Rib Town

Big Wave Luau

Hawaii High Five

The premise for “How I Met Your Mother” is that in the year 2030, a future Ted is telling his children about the events that eventually brought him and their mom together. Whose voice do we hear in the role of narrator?
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John Lithgow

Bob Saget

Josh Radnor

Michael Gross

Barney’s friends torture him with this nickname, which he gets after a barista at a local café miswrites his name on a coffee cup in Season 2:
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Never afraid to show his playful side, actor Jason Segel wrote the script that is bringing which much-loved characters from his childhood back to the big screen?
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Care Bears

After Stella removes Ted’s butterfly “tramp stamp” in Season 3, she tells him to give her a call if he ever wakes up with a dolphin tattoo on his ankle. Which cast member has this tattoo in real life?
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Cobie Smulders

Jason Segel

Alyson Hannigan

Neil Patrick Harris

What is the name of the song featured on the “cassingle” stuck in the tape deck of Marshall’s Fiero during the years that he owns it?
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“Hey Beautiful” by The Solids

“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by The Proclaimers

“Tubthumping” by Chumbawamba

“Hey Jealousy” by Gin Blossoms

Barney can barely stand the torture when Marshall renames Thanksgiving in Seasons 3 and 5, giving the holiday a whole new meaning. What does Marshall call it?
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Not a Father’s Day




Although she always looks effortlessly cool, actress Cobie Smulders says she was “starstruck” and “flubbing” her words when she met which “How I Met Your Mother” guest star?
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Heidi Klum

Tim Gunn

Enrique Iglesias

Jennifer Lopez

The woman who eventually becomes the mother of Ted’s children loses what object in Season 3 that Ted finds and then accidentally leaves at her apartment in Season 5 — before they ever even meet?
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Cowboy hat


Cell phone

Womanizer Barney not only dresses to impress; he also uses magic to dazzle the ladies. As it turns out, which “How I Met Your Mother” cast member is a bona fide magician in real life?
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Jason Segel

Alyson Hannigan

Neil Patrick Harris

Josh Radnor

During Season 4, a guilt-ridden Tony offers to get Ted a teaching job at which university to make up for stealing Stella from him?
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Columbia University

New York University

Parsons The New School for Design

Wesleyan University

What real-life rock group inspired the name of a scam from “The Playbook” that Barney uses to pick up women?
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Iron Maiden

Black Sabbath

Cheap Trick

Guns N’ Roses

Determined to make it as an architect, Ted starts his own company in Season 5. What does he name the firm?
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Mosby Designs


Mosbius Designs

Goliath Designs

Although all of his jobs since law school have involved working for sketchy corporations, Marshall is a do-gooder at heart. He has always dreamed of changing the world with a position at which environmental organization?
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Environmental Defense Fund

National Resources Defense Council

Earth First!

Defenders of Wildlife

Before Barney’s real father is revealed in Season 6, he insists to his friends that his dad is actually:
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Sean Connery

Bob Barker

Regis Philbin

Tim Gunn

Robin’s Canadian heritage is a source of many jokes on “How I Met Your Mother.” It’s all in good fun, even for this cast member who is a native of the Great White North:
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Alyson Hannigan

Josh Radnor

Cobie Smulders

Jason Segel

Although Katy Perry guest-starred as Honey in Season 6, she never appeared on camera at the same time as Jason Segel. Her husband, Russell Brand, however, shared plenty of screen time with him in which movie?
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“Forgetting Sarah Marshall”

“I Love You, Man”

“Get Him to the Greek”

“Knocked Up”