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Ultimate "Drop Dead Diva" Season 1 Quiz

Ultimate "Drop Dead Diva" Season 1 Quiz

by Lisa Raphael

Think you know every thing there is to know about "Diva"? Test your Stacy smarts, your Harrison & Parker knowledge and your Teri trivia with the ultimate "Drop Dead Diva" Season 1 Quiz.

What is Deb's signature breakfast (that Grayson knows by heart)?
1 of 41 questions

Special K and soy milk

Grapefruit with two Splendas

Black coffee and 12 red grapes

What audition is Deb driving to when she has her fatal accident?
2 of 41 questions

"Price is Right" prize model

Cinderella at Disneyland

Actress in a dandruff shampoo commercial

What is the name of Deb, Stacy (and now Jane!)'s lucky nail polish?
3 of 41 questions

Sardonic Sunshine

Jealous Licorice

Ironic Taffy

What was Fred's original job title?
4 of 41 questions

Guardian Angel

Assistant Receptionist to God


What kind of car does Jane drive?
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What were Deb's first words to Grayson?
6 of 41 questions

"Do you actually think that tie/suit combo is your 'season'?"

"Are you really rocking white before Labor Day?"

"Are you seriously trying to pull off acid wash jeans?"

What move does Jane teach her client in Episode 1 to give her confidence?
7 of 41 questions

The "bend and snap"

The "toe tap, booty bounce"

The "smile and hair toss"

What is the name of the bar that Deb met Grayson in and then filed a lawsuit against as Jane?
8 of 41 questions

Sun Bar

El Rodeo

The Falls

What is the name of Jane's (long gone) dog?
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In Season 1, Episode 2, Jane knows that there’s something seriously wrong with Stacy because she…
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Drank an entire pitcher of pom-tinis.

Ate four cookies.

Hadn't used her elliptical in 48 hours.

Jane tells Stacy that she has a dream, and Stacy guesses it involves:
11 of 41 questions

Leonardo DiCaprio and a unicorn

Orlando Bloom and a zebra

Ewan McGregor and a pony

What episode does Fred first see (and fall in love with) Stacy?
12 of 41 questions

Season 1, Episode 1

Season 1, Episode 3

Season 1, Episode 4

What is wrong with Deb’s obituary?
13 of 41 questions

The photo is not of her.

It has the wrong age.

It doesn't list the right occupation.

Who does Teri describe as "a Venus fly trap… with boobs!"?
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Who does Jane NOT call to bail her out after being thrown into jail for contempt of court?
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What is the name of the dog Jane and Kim represent in court?
16 of 41 questions

Andy Roddick

David Beckham

Tiger Woods

Where does Fred get his first love advice from?
17 of 41 questions

Jane's collection of romantic movies

Stacy's women's magazines

Teri's blog

The first blast we encounter from Jane's love past has what job?
18 of 41 questions

A partner at a rival firm

A court baliff

The night guard at the office

What is Deb and Grayson's song?
19 of 41 questions

"Lucky" by Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Caillat

"Love Song" by Sara Bareilles

"I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

In Season 1, Episode 5, Jane finds out it's her birthday! What is her age compared to Deb's?
20 of 41 questions

Jane is turning 35, Deb would be turning 28

Jane is turning 30, Deb would be turning 25

Jane is turning 32, Deb would be turning 24

Which "Project Runway" personality makes an appearance in Season 1, Episode 6?
21 of 41 questions

Michael Kors

Nina Garcia

Tim Gunn

Elliott Gould guest stars on Season 1. What is the name of the old TV show his character starred in?
22 of 41 questions

"White Willow Way"

"Country Club Drive"

"Golden Glades Road"

What does Kim get sued for in Season 1?
23 of 41 questions

Defamation of character by a former fellow employee

Sexual harassment by a former assistant

Negligent infliction of emotional distress by a waitress

What was the name of the woman (played by Teri Polo) behind the Magic Bullet EZ Thin weight loss plan?
24 of 41 questions

Jillian Ford

Rebecca Bentley

Samantha Fonda

In Season 1, Episode 8, Jane has to prove a businessman's sanity. Which of the following crazy things does he NOT do during their time in court?
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Take all of his clothes off

Propose to a witness

The Macarena

Wear bunny ears

What is Jane's high school nickname?
26 of 41 questions


Insaney Janey

Plain Jane

What does Stacy call the rude salesperson at the boutique that Jane takes to court?
27 of 41 questions

Justin TimberFake

Zac EfrWannabe

Clay Fake-en

How does Judge Paula Abdul improve her judge's robes?
28 of 41 questions

She makes it "belted and bedazzled"

She "ties and tye-dyes" it

With "slits and glitz"

Teri reveals that what two male attributes fall under the category of "her type"?
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Biceps and glasses

Nice butt and Converse

A moustache and tight jeans

Which fabulous actress duo play psychic sisters on Season 1?
30 of 41 questions

Betty White and Patti Lupone

Liza Minnelli and Delta Burke

Shirley MacLaine and Barbra Streisand

What case does Jane first meet Tony working on?
31 of 41 questions

When she represents Judge Summers in her matchmaking lawsuit.

When she represents Deb's favorite model who is suspected of murder.

When she represents a woman who was switched at birth.

What is Stacy's reaction to seeing Fred again after his "trip"?
32 of 41 questions

She gives him a kiss.

She slams the door in her face.

She sprays him with pepper spray.

What is Grayson's nickname for Deb?
33 of 41 questions

Boo Bear


Sweet Cheeks

What song does Jane's mom make her sing during her dinner with Tony?
34 of 41 questions

"Let's Hear It For the Boy"

"Love is a Battlefield"

"Time After Time"

What is guest star Nia Vardolos's character's job and name?
35 of 41 questions

Elana, she is an assistant at a competing firm.

Melissa, she works at the coffee shop in Harrison & Parker's building.

Lisa, she is a temp at the firm.

What chocolate company does Parker respresent in a defamation case?
36 of 41 questions

Choco Nuts

Choco Crunch

Choco Treats

In the end of Season 1, Episode 11, Fred says to Jane that she's had quite a day: "You reunited a family, kissed a dude and …
37 of 41 questions

... didn't get in any fights with Kim."

... made it home in time for 'Survivor.'"

... made peace with your mother."

What is Stacy's name for her breasts?
38 of 41 questions

Thelma & Louise

Sonny & Cher

Donny & Marie

What does it mean when Parker wears red suspenders to the office?
39 of 41 questions

He is going to promote someone.

He slept with a new woman the previous night.

It's bonus time at Harrison Parker!

In the Season 1 Finale, Grayson represents a model suing what lingerie company?
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Athena's Promise

Cupid's Whisper

Aphrodite's Dream

In the last episode of Season 1, how much is the settlement Jane wins for her client?
41 of 41 questions

$15 million

$20 million

$25 million