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Which Young Hollywood Hunk Is Your Soul Mate?

by Leslie Koch

A new batch of hotties is heating up the big screen, from indie darling Ryan Gosling to action star Shia LaBeouf. Which rising star is your ideal match?

What quality do you consider most important in a boyfriend?
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Has a wild streak

Has a ton of energy

Is sensitive and caring

Has a ripped body

Makes you laugh

How should your soul mate pass the time when he isn’t hanging out with you?
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Watching classic TV shows on Netflix

Playing folk songs on a ukulele

Jetting around town on a motorcycle

Hitting the local nightclubs

Fixing up an old car

What music is on your playlist right now?
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Classic rock songs by Bon Jovi or Guns ‘n Roses

Theme songs from “Star Trek” or “The Brady Bunch”

Dark, industrial tunes by Nine Inch Nails or Marilyn Manson

Indie rock by Arcade Fire or Arctic Monkeys

Pop songs by Katy Perry or Rihanna

Why did you break up with your last boyfriend?
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He didn’t listen to you

He had a low sex drive

He was boring

He was too controlling

He was too active and you couldn’t keep up

Picture your ideal man. What item of clothing does he always wear?
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A tight undershirt that shows off his muscles

Motorcycle boots

A worn T-shirt he’s had since college

Aviator-style sunglasses

Boxer shorts decorated with “South Park” characters

How would you like to spend a first date?
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Going to a comic book convention

Attending a poetry reading at the local coffee shop

Inviting him to your place for a romantic evening

Drinking and dancing at a trendy club

Going skydiving

How do you relax after a hectic day at work?
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Work out at the gym

Convince a friend to come over and cheer you up

Have a drink or two

Collapse on the couch and watch TV

Check out an art exhibit at a museum

How is your bedroom decorated?
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The walls are covered with music posters and art prints

The shelves are overflowing with DVDs and books

It’s bare bones, because you’re never home to decorate

Bright colors are everywhere, from the bed linens to the wallpaper

It’s dark and cavernous; the window shades are always down

What type of car would your ideal man drive?
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A beat-up old truck that’s been in his family for years

A brand-new SUV

None; he calls his mom when he needs a ride

A vintage hot rod

None; he takes public transportation to save the environment

In your opinion, what is a boyfriend’s main role?
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Loyal ally

Best friend

Comic relief