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Which Sex Symbol Is Your Soul Mate?

by Carla Hay

Find out which famous hunk would be your perfect match.

The best place for you to meet a potential romantic partner is at a:
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Poetry reading


Volunteer organization

You meet a guy and feel an instant physical attraction to him. Which pickup line would most convince you to go out on a date with him?
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“Have you seen the latest Wes Anderson movie?”

“I’m on my way to a party. Want to come along?”

“What do you think of the situation in Darfur?”

“What’s your favorite workout routine?”

“Who’s the more overrated philosopher: Socrates or Plato?”

Your ideal first date would be:
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Attending a fund-raising event for charity

If there’s mutual chemistry, getting naked at his place or yours

Checking out a hot new museum exhibit

Seeing an experimental theater production

Going for a morning jog together

What’s your most likely guilty pleasure?
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Comic books or video games

Shopping sprees for things you don’t need

Sudoku puzzles

Collecting porn

Occasionally bingeing on junk food

What TV show are you most likely to watch with your man?
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“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”

Anything on the on-demand adult channels

Old episodes of “The Twilight Zone”

Anything on ESPN

You rarely watch TV. You’d rather read a book.

Which of these female celebrities do you wish you could be like the most?
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Meryl Streep

Oprah Winfrey

Jenna Jameson

Camille Paglia

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

In high school, the kind of guy you were most attracted to was:
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The star athlete

The troublemaking partier

The misunderstood loner

The straight-A student

The class president

No one’s perfect. Which personality quirk are you most likely to tolerate in your relationship with your man?
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He always wants to be right and have the last word.

He keeps odd hours, loses track of time and sometimes forgets important dates.

He makes comments to you in private about your weight and what you’re eating.

He likes to check out and flirt with other women when he’s with you.

He gives unsolicited opinions and butts into other people’s business when he’s not welcome.

Your man suddenly comes into a very large sum of money, whether it’s an inheritance, a bonus or prize winnings. How would you like him to spend most of the money?
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Throwing a huge party for you and all of his closest friends

Donating it to a charitable cause

Going on an adventure trip with you

Donating it to a research fund at a prestigious university

Investing it in a movie, nightclub or record company

What would be your ultimate marriage proposal?
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On one of your hiking trips, you climb a particularly challenging rock formation together. At the top is a breathtaking view. He asks you to open your backpack. Inside is a box with an engagement ring, and he gets down on one knee and proposes.

He suggests a game called “Let’s Recreate Our First Date,” and you each try to redo exactly what you did on your first date together — even reenacting the conversations. Sometime during this trip down memory lane, he surprises you with a ring.

He gives you a rare book that you’ve spent years trying to find. Inside is a list of clues which lead to your bedroom. There's a box with an engagement ring and a poem quoting your favorite writers. And then he asks you to marry him.

It’s sunset at an exotic village where you're helping the poverty-stricken. You’re dining with some of the locals and your man places a handmade pot in front of you. You're expecting food, but instead there’s an engagement ring.

What marriage proposal? Marriage is an outdated institution that’s not for you.