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Which Celebs Could Be Your Best Friends?

by Carla Hay

Take our quiz to see which stars are the most compatible with your personality.

What’s the favorite social activity for you and your closest female friends?
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Going to concerts or sports games

Shopping for clothes

Exercising, usually at a gym

Partying at the hottest and trendiest nightclubs

Joining a book club and going away on self-reflective retreats

When it comes to love and romance, you tend to be attracted to:
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Men who let you shop 'til you drop and can’t stop gushing about how great you are

Bad boys who like to party and can keep up with your wild ways

Hip-hop stars or athletes who are at the top of their game

Men who are very creative and don’t mind if you get more attention than they do

Steady and dependable guys who want to have a long-term relationship

What’s the signature look for you and your three closest gal pals?
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Classic and traditional fashion that’s appropriate for whatever the occasion is

Various weaves, hair extensions or wigs; form-fitting fashion in bold and striking colors

Oversized sunglasses and outrageously trendy clothes

Eclectic designer wear for work and special occasions; casual exercise clothes in your free time

Fashion-forward glamour and trend-setting hairstyles

You’ve just experienced the end of a romantic relationship. What will you and your closest friends do to help you move on from your breakup?
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Go on a shopping spree and get a makeover

Your friends will try to play matchmaker and set you up on a date

Get intoxicated at a party or nightclub and you’ll hook up with the next willing guy you find attractive

Have long, meaningful talks about relationships and analyze what you may have done wrong in your past failed relationships

Your friends know you like to keep your love life private, so they’ll let you heal from the breakup in your own way

What’s the marital status of you and your three closest gal pals?
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All of you are married

All of you have never been married

Half of you are divorced and the other half are married or in a committed relationship

Most of you are married and the rest are single

Half of you have never been married, and the other half are married or divorced

When you’re in a committed relationship, how would people most likely describe it?
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It’s hard for people (including yourself) to imagine you settling down with anyone for more than five years. After a breakup, you quickly move on to your next conquest.

You and your significant other allow each other to be very independent and have separate careers. You have a higher income than he does, and he’s OK with it.

You and your significant other can often be described as “joined at the hip.” People think it would be strange if one of you went to an important event without the other.

You and your mate value your privacy, and you expect your closest friends to avoid gossiping about your relationship. You like to keep people guessing.

Any significant other you have has to be comfortable with the fact that you share a lot of intimate details with your closest female friends. He’ll probably become the “enemy” if your relationship with him doesn’t last.

Which TV show are you and your best female friends most likely to want to be on or watch?
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A reality show that’s a competition related to music or fashion, like “American Idol,” “Project Runway” or “America’s Next Top Model”

A talk show that frequently analyzes relationships, gives self-help advice and discusses issues that are important to women, like “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” “Dr. Phil” or “The View”

A reality show about party girls, like “The Hills,” “A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila” or “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

A TV series that shows wealthy people living the glamorous life and being proud of it, like “Cribs,” “The Fabulous Life Of …” or “Gossip Girl”

You and your closest friends rarely watch TV because you think it’s a waste of time

You and your closest girlfriends are asked to support a charity. Which type of humanitarian cause are you most likely to choose?
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Animal rights or AIDS

Female empowerment or helping victims of abuse

Improving human/international relations or fighting poverty

Helping underprivileged or sick children

Any charity that throws fun parties and makes you look good

What’s considered so unacceptable in your circle of friends that if you did it, you would probably be shunned by them?
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Gossiping about your friends’ love lives to people who’ll make that information public

Insulting your husband in public or making a big career move that would take you away from your significant other and your kids for an extremely long period of time

Thinking that you can’t be happy unless you’re in a romantic relationship, or letting a man interfere or ruin a friendship with a female pal

Getting fat, abstaining from alcohol or becoming a boring homebody

Supporting any conservative and right-wing causes, because your best friends are politically liberal and want their closest confidantes to share similar beliefs

What’s the best way to describe the relationship you have with your best gal pals?
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You bond over what you love most: your husbands, kids and shopping. Even though your husbands often put you on pedestal, you and your gal pals believe it’s also important to cater to your spouses and sometimes make their needs or careers a priority.

Sometimes you’re close; sometimes you feud with each other and expect people to take sides. You and your best friends bond over partying, and it’s not unusual for someone in your clique to hook up with an ex-lover of one of her friends.

You strongly believe that a best friend is someone you should have for the rest of your life, and you and your best friends are so close that people sometimes wonder if your gal pals mean more to you than men do.

You’re a group of overachievers who are used to being successful. You bond over being able to reach the high goals you set for yourselves, and you usually have more wealth and power than your romantic partners.

You and your best friends love to live the glamorous life, but you also bond over the fact that you haven’t forgotten your more humble beginnings. But that doesn’t mean you put all your personal business out there for everyone to know.