What does your style say about you? Take a quiz to find out.

Which Celeb Will You Look Like in 10 Years?

by Tara Rummell Berson

Hollywood is filled with ageless beauties — some who’ve turned back the clock with surgery and others who are simply blessed with good genes. Which stunning star will you most resemble in 10 years? Take this quiz and find out!

What's your monthly max for beauty splurges?
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Your attitude on aging:
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Screw getting old. You'll pay any price to look "forever young."

You'll never look your true age. Your secret weapons are exercise, healthy food and a regular beauty routine.

You plan to age gracefully. Wrinkles are the sign of a life well-lived.

Have you had a helpful boost from plastic surgery or anti-aging procedures?
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That's your little secret!



Spill the beans on your beauty regimen:
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You drink a lot of water and try to stay out of the sun

You get facials and other body treatments on a regular basis

You're the queen of moisturizing

You're running late for work after hitting "snooze" one too many times. Will you forego makeup?
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Umm … no. Scaring your colleagues wouldn't be polite.

You'd have to at least use foundation and mascara, and maybe a little lipstick

Going makeup-free once in a while doesn’t really bother you

What's the skinny on your diet?
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Your favorite way to fill up is chowing down on fruits and green leafy vegetables

You almost always eat healthy, but occasionally fall prey to junk food and a glass of vino

When you’re not testing out the latest fad diet, you have healthy meals delivered to your door

Your best stress buster:
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Sweating out your frustration at the gym

Getting pampered at the spa

Drinking herbal tea and meditating

Your worst bad habit:
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Occasionally drinking a wee bit too much

Getting fewer than eight hours of sleep each night

Overusing Botox

What's your favorite makeup style?
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How do you wear your hair?
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You usually let it air-dry or pull it up in a bun or ponytail.

Totally styled. You love to look like you just stepped out of a salon.

It all comes down to time. You like to style it, but a hat will do if you're in a rush.