Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Which Celeb Athlete Is Your Soul Mate?

by Leslie Koch

Admit it: You’ve dreamed of dating a professional athlete. They’re handsome, famous and ridiculously rich. But which celeb athlete is your perfect match? Take our quiz and find out!

Which of these qualities is most important to you in a soul mate?
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Boyish good looks

Great sense of humor


Wild and crazy

Insanely wealthy

What type of guy do you typically attract?
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The bad boy. He’s sexy, exciting and takes things to the extreme.

The good-time guy. He’s fun to hang out with, but you’re not sure of his motives.

The serial monogamist. He dates one woman at a time but has trouble committing.

Mr. Personality. He has a ton of friends and is the life of the party.

The cheater. He seems sweet until you catch him hooking up with your best friend.

Think about your first date with your future soul mate. Where will he take you?
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He’ll treat you to dinner at a trendy 5-star restaurant

He’ll cuddle with you in a dark nightclub on the outskirts of town

He’ll ask you to cheer him on as he plays basketball with friends

He’ll serenade you with his rapping skills and then take you to a movie

He’ll take you to a tattoo parlor so you can get matching body art

Which cartoon character most resembles your ideal man?
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Superman. He’s a large, intimidating guy with a gentle soul.

Batman. He’s powerful and sexy.

Captain America. He’s a heartland hunk with a great body.

The Incredible Hulk. He can be sweet — but don’t get him angry.

Charlie Brown. He’s serious, tidy and a bit uptight.

Imagine that your man’s ex-girlfriend approaches you at a party and warns you about his dark side. Which one of these negative traits are you willing to put up with?
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He dumped his last girlfriend on her birthday

He blurts out whatever is on his mind

He’s afraid of commitment

He has a wandering eye

He has a violent temper

What brand of cologne would your dream man wear?
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212 Sexy Men by Carolina Herrera

Bang by Marc Jacobs

Obsession by Calvin Klein

Play Intense by Givenchy

The One Gentleman by Dolce and Gabbana

Think about your soul mate’s physical appearance. What’s his most attractive trait?
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Cute behind

Puppy-dog eyes

Preppy dresser

Bald head

Face tattoos

Imagine you’re creating a profile for an online dating service. Which of these statements best describes you?
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Stylish woman looking for a man to show off to her friends

Dazzling beauty looking for a sugar daddy

Adventurous woman looking for a wild ride

Wholesome woman looking for a committed relationship

Confident, sexy woman looking for a good time

You and your soul mate are snuggling on his couch and decide to watch a DVD. Which movie would he pick?
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"Varsity Blues"

"Pride of the Yankees"

"My Giant"


"Fatal Attraction"