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Ultimate Heather Locklear Trivia

Ultimate Heather Locklear Trivia

by Erin Cassin

Known for her bad-girl roles and bad-boy marriages, Heather Locklear has been turning heads and making headlines for more than 25 years. Think you're an expert on her life both on and off the set? Take this quiz to find out!
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Aaron Spelling worked closely with Heather in the ’80s and ’90s, as she acted in many of his most popular shows. Given this success, the TV producer nicknamed Locklear:
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Lucky Penny

Mini Midas

Mind Candy


La Locklear rose to stardom as sexy schemer Sammy Jo Carrington on “Dynasty.” What was her character’s full middle name?
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During her “Dynasty” days, Heather earned her reputation as a workhorse by taking on a starring role in which other popular primetime show?
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“T.J. Hooker”

“The Fall Guy”

“The A-Team”

“Hill Street Blues”

Back in the ’80s, the two hottest Heathers were Ms. Locklear and Ms. Thomas. Both actresses eventually appeared in live-action versions of which popular comic-book series?
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Wonder Woman

Swamp Thing

Which '80s sitcom star did Heather date?
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Michael J. Fox

Jason Bateman

Tony Danza

Scott Baio

Having married both Tommy Lee of Mötley Crüe and Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi, La Locklear has lived the dream of many rock fans. Her relationship with Lee was the inspiration for which hit song?
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“Kickstart My Heart”

“Without You”

“Born to Be My Baby”

“Looks That Kill”

When Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora tied the knot, they were first married in his New Jersey home and then wed again just a couple of days later. Where did the second ceremony take place?
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Grand Cayman Island

Santa Barbara, California

Paris, France

Honolulu, Hawaii

During her marriage to Richie Sambora, Locklear said their bedroom decor included the following:
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A pole in the center of the room

A mirror over the bed

A swing attached to the ceiling

A heart-shaped jacuzzi

La Locklear’s only child shares the same name as the kid of another famous blonde mom. Who is she?
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Reese Witherspoon

Kate Hudson

Gwyneth Paltrow

Heidi Klum

This outspoken sex symbol hasn’t shied away from discussing her thoughts on men. But which of the following has Heather NOT said?
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“I didn’t like rockers in high school.”

“You can't keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick.”

“I don't date rock ‘n’ rollers. I just marry them.”

“Rock stars are like prophets.”

In addition to her attraction to bad boys, Ms. Locklear has also confessed to a weakness for hot sauce. She said she would even eat it on a:
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As a nighttime soap star, Heather was no stranger to scripted scandal … but betrayal turned very real when her former friend Denise Richards started dating Locklear’s former flame. Which ex was it?
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David Spade

Charlie Sheen

Richie Sambora

Tommy Lee

Known for her smoking-hot body, La Locklear seems to have a refreshingly healthy relationship with food, even admitting to indulging in this treat from Taco Bell:
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Crunchwrap Supreme

Nachos BellGrande

Chalupa Nacho Cheese

Soft Taco Supreme

Poking fun at her villainous-vixen roles, Heather guest-starred as herself on an episode of “Muppets Tonight” in which she fell victim to a “mood meals” experiment gone wrong. She turned evil after eating which food?
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Ham sandwich



As diva Darcy X in the ’80s movie “Rock ‘n’ Roll Mom,” Heather lip-synched all the lyrics. But she recorded for real on which album of ex-husband Richie Sambora’s?
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“Undiscovered Soul”

“Stranger in This Town”

“Lighting Up the Night”

“Alone in a Crowd”

Although nominated six times for this acting honor, hardworking Heather is still waiting to win this award. Which is it?
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Primetime Emmy

People’s Choice

Golden Globe

TV Land

When “Melrose Place” became a hit in the 1990s, its success was largely credited to Locklear’s arrival as merciless manipulator Amanda Woodward. In the first season, she played the boss from hell at:
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AWA Advertising

D & D Advertising

A & W Advertising

WPK Advertising

Former co-star Charlie Sheen reunited with Heather when she appeared in an episode of his hit series “Two and a Half Men.” The duo used to share screen time on which TV show?
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“Spin City”

“Going Places"

The always popular Heather hosted VH1 award shows on two different occasions that honored:
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Current Locklear squeeze Jack Wagner may not be a bad-boy rocker like some of Heather’s exes, but he has recorded five albums. La Locklear claims she had no idea Wagner sang when they first met as co-stars on which show?
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“General Hospital”

“Melrose Place”


“The Bold and the Beautiful”