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Stars in Love: Which Relationship Matches Yours?

by Carla Hay

Which celebrity couple is most like you and your significant other? Take our quiz and find out!

What nickname would people most likely give your man?
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Boy Toy



Pretty Boy

Old Boy

What's the leisure activity that you and your man are most likely to enjoy doing together?
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Watching a basketball game

Hanging out at nightclubs where most of the people are younger than you

Going on lavish shopping sprees

Volunteering for a humanitarian cause

Spending time outdoors with your pets

How would you describe your courtship?
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He’s a dad whose marriage was ending when you met him. You were much younger and had never married. He was immediately smitten with you and very forward about his intentions. You were charmed by his “take-charge” attitude, so you soon paired up.

You had a “forbidden” love with him, because he was married to or seriously involved with someone else when you started a romantice. But your chemistry and feelings for each other were so intense that it was inevitable that you ended up together.

He chased after you, but you were reluctant to date him at first, because you already had a significant other at the time. But your man eventually won you over; you fell in love and ended up with him.

You and he started out as friends, and then the friendship evolved into romantic love. But you and your mate are so private that you kept your relationship on the “down low” for a long time. Both of you wouldn’t even admit that you were dating each other.

You shared an instant, mutual attraction and you’ve been together ever since. Although you're a divorced mom and he’s much younger, he loves your kids as if they were his own. Your romance with him has been like an open book.

What kind of family do and your significant other have?
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The only children you have are the two or three biological kids you’ve had together.

You and your man have least five children, some of them biological and the rest adopted.

You and your significant do not have any biological children together, but he’s helping you raise your kid(s) from your previous marriage or relationship.

You and your partner don’t have kids right now, but it’s a future possibility.

You have biological children with your man, and he has at least one biological child from a previous marriage or relationship.

What do you and your partner think is the best environment to raise your kids?
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You want your kids to experience living in both a small town and a big city at some point in their childhood.

You don’t have any kids yet, but if or when you do, you think your children should be raised in a big city.

As soon as they’re old enough, you want your kids to live at an elite boarding school.

You want your kids to be raised in the suburbs.

You think your children should know what it’s like to live in different parts of the world so they can be exposed to other cultures and be willing to help those less privileged than they are.

When you and your man got together, what were people most likely to disapprove about your relationship?
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He’s much older than you are.

You broke off a serious relationship so you could be with him.

He’s much younger than you are.

Your man was married or seriously involved with someone else, and you were blamed for the breakup of that relationship.

You and your man like to keep your relationship very mysterious, which makes people question what you may be trying to hide.

What’s your idea of a perfect wedding?
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A traditional ceremony and reception ─ nothing too large or fancy ─ in his hometown or yours

A lavish ceremony and reception in prestigious locations with hundreds of guests, many of whom are society’s cream of the crop

A nighttime ceremony, attended by about 100 people, that pays homage to the trendy spiritual teachings that you and your man follow

An extremely secret ceremony and reception at his home or yours, with fewer than 40 people in attendance

What wedding? You and your man believe that you don’t have to be married to each other to prove your love and commitment.

What is the most common perception of you and your man as a couple?
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He’s a “sugar daddy” and you’re his “trophy woman.” He considers himself to be young at heart, and he wanted to start a new life with someone who’s younger and prettier than his ex-wife.

You’re a vixen with a reputation for being a “homewrecker.” You seem to have given up your wild-child ways to settle down with your man, but people always speculate how long it will last.

He may not be a pretty boy, but you love him for his personality and intelligence. You and your man also share the same goals and feel the same way about keeping your love life very private.

You and your man are considered a perfect match because you’re pretty close to being equals in every way. You both believe in traditional family values and working together as often as you can.

You’re a “cougar,” and he’s a much-younger stud who finds your sexiness irresistible. At an age when most men don’t want to settle down, he’s done all that and more by becoming a stepdad to your kids.

If you or your man have been divorced from someone else, how would you describe the divorce and how it’s affected your current relationship?
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Your divorce happened long before you met your man. You don’t have any kids with your former husband, and your ex is pretty much out of your life.

Your divorce was amicable, and your ex-husband is still in your life. You have such a great relationship with your ex that he even occasionally accompanies you and your significant other on family outings — and everyone is OK

His divorce was bitter and prolonged, and you don’t have a friendly relationship with his ex. Although he’s failed at marriage before, he’s been willing to give marriage another try with you, as long as there’s a prenuptial agreement.

You and your man have both been through painful divorces, which is why you’re both not in any rush to get married again. Your ex-spouses have no involvement in raising your kids.

You and your man have never been married to or divorced from other people.

What would be the theme song of your relationship with your man?
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“Love Will Never Do Without You” by Janet Jackson

“Secret” by Madonna

“When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge

“Fooled Around and Fell in Love” by Elvin Bishop

“Amazed” by Lonestar