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Royal Wedding Trivia

Royal Wedding Trivia

by Kristin Vaughan

Kate is a modern bride, but the Brits and the royal family are still steeped in their old-school formal wedding traditions. From etiquette to invites, see how much you know about them.

Prince William chose his brother, Prince Harry, as his “best man,” but bridegrooms who are members of the royal family have one of these instead:
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Ring Bearer

Royal Man

Page Boy

In the U.K., the groom-to-be has a stag party before his wedding day. The pre-wedding party for the bride-to-be is called:
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A mare party

A tea party

A bachelorette party

A hen party

This is included as the top layer of British wedding cakes, and then stored in a tin and served at the christening of the couple’s first child:
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Plum pudding

Spiced cake

Prince William will employ a 10-member group of uniformed men (dressed in the three branches of the armed forces) to do what on his wedding day?
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Usher guests to their seats

Hold the train of Kate’s wedding gown

Escort the bridesmaids

Serve as his best men

While Kate will break tradition by arriving in a chauffeured car, she’ll leave the ceremony with Prince William in which traditional form of transport?
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Stretch limousine


Horse-drawn carriage


Which of these locations is not included in the traditional wedding route to London’s Westminster Abbey?
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The Mall

Buckingham Palace

Horse Guards Parade

Parliament Square

According to the 300-year-old Act of Succession, if William and Kate have a daughter first, and then a son, whom would the throne pass to?
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The daughter

Whoever is best qualified

Whoever wants the job

The son

Which of these family members did not have a royal wedding at Westminster Abbey, where Wills and Kate will wed on April 29, 2011?
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Queen Elizabeth

Princess Diana

Princess Margaret

Sarah Ferguson

Following the precedents set by the Prince and Princess of Wales in 1981 and Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947, who will foot the bill?
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The royal family

The bride’s family

The families will split it

Kate and Wills

Kate may send this item from her wedding back to Westminster Abbey the next day, to be laid at the grave of the Unknown Warrior, if she decides to follow a tradition started by the Queen Mum (Queen Elizabeth’s mother):
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Her garter

Her handkerchief

Her bouquet

Her tiara