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Match the Dog to the Celebrity Parent

Match the Dog to the Celebrity Parent

by Kenrya Rankin Naasel

Nothing says “celebrity” these days like having an awesome dog by your side. Test your celebrity dog IQ — take this quiz and see if you can name the famous moms of these pooches, past and present.

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This dog is first in the hearts of kids nationwide. Wonder if he’s in the same political party as his famous mom? Who is she?

Nancy Pelosi

Michelle Obama

Condoleezza Rice

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If Beverly Hills had a mascot, it would be the late Mimi LaRue, the long-time pet of this “90210” staple. Who is she?

Shannen Doherty

Jennie Garth

Tori Spelling

Photo by Amy Graves/WireImage

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Her dogs Francesca and Sharkey are always picture-perfect, whether on their mom’s television show or in her magazine. Who is she?


Martha Stewart

Rachael Ray

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Sid and Nancy may have rock-star aspirations (how could they not, with names like those?), but their Mexican-American mom prefers to act. Who is she?

Jessica Alba

Salma Hayek

Eva Longoria Parker

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This Chihuahua is the original celebrity dog accessory and has hotel-hopped with the best of them. Who’s the pet owner?

Lindsay Lohan

Nicole Richie

Paris Hilton

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She may not be on one of America’s number one shows anymore, but this dog’s owner will be “Forever Your Girl.” Who is she?

Jennifer Aniston

Julianna Margulies

Paula Abdul

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Wonder if this little cutie loves butterflies as much as her singing mom does. Who is she?


Mariah Carey


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This pooch has serious game, but his backhand is nothing compared to his mama’s. Who is she?

Venus Williams

Martina Navratilova

Anna Kournikova

Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

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Maddie belongs to a tiny woman with a big voice. Good luck containing her glee! Who’s the celeb pet owner?

Lea Michele

Kristin Chenoweth

Christina Aguilera

Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images

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This pooch has an active Twitter account, just like her eternally youthful mother. Who is she?

Demi Moore



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