Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

Which TV Boss Do You Work For?

by Beth Turner

The person you report to at work can make your job a pleasant or a horrific experience. Could your boss resemble a familiar TV character? Take our quiz to find out!

You call your boss to say that you can’t come in because your kid has a fever. What reaction do you get?
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Your boss's nana will probably stop by with her soon-to-be-patented chicken soup recipe.

It’s fine. Even if you're needed that day, your boss will find a way to cover for you.

You’re told in no uncertain terms: "That’s unacceptable."

It’s OK to stay home, but you need to join the 2 pm conference call and get your work done.

You throw a birthday party for a co-worker, and your boss:
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Gives a quick hello while passing from meeting to meeting

Thinks it’s a bridal shower and tells her "good luck" on the upcoming wedding

Lets you order pizza for everyone, on the company dime

Doesn’t show up or even think to wish her well

You have a meeting with an outside client and you stumble when you present to them. After the meeting your boss pulls you aside to:
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Yell at you about how you embarrassed the whole company

Explain how it was not well done and tell you how you can do better next time

Have a conversation with you and deliberately stumble through it so you don’t feel bad

Tell you that you need to come up with a way to fix it together or you’ll both be out of a job

You’re at the coffee machine, recapping your son’s soccer game. Your boss stops by and:
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Makes a clever comment about how your kid is way better at sports than you are

Says it’s not really proper conversation for the office and you should get back to work

Politely lets you finish but then immediately launches into a question about work

Interrupts you to talk about his/her game-winning goal in peewee sports (even though it was 30 years ago, your boss may try to re-enact it!)

It’s Christmas Eve, and although the office isn’t technically closed, most people plan to head out early. Your boss decides to:
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Tell people they can leave but only after they’ve confirmed in person that all work has been wrapped up

Get into the holiday spirit and allow everyone to cut out early

Schedule a mandatory Christmas-carol karaoke jam in the office for a few hours

Require everyone to stay and let people know they will be penalized if they leave before 5 pm

You go into your boss’s office to announce that you’re expecting another baby. Your boss:
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Asks why you want to torture yourself with more kids

Wants to know how your workload will be covered during maternity leave

Congratulates you and promises not to kidnap the baby

Busts out singing the chorus of "Baby, Baby, Baby" by Justin Bieber

Your co-worker stops by your cubicle and launches into a long story about her boyfriend troubles. Your boss notices and:
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Calls your desk and asks to be put on speaker, then pretends to be Dear Abby

Makes an awkward joke about men when passing by your desk

Glances at you – twice – to let you know this long distraction is unacceptable

Stops by to tell everyone to get back to work

It’s almost time for Friday night happy hour! Your boss is likely to be:
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Joining you all for a round or two of drinks

Trying to organize a happy hour at the office rather than just going to your favorite group spot

Still in the office working away, and calling people in at 4:55 pm to ask them questions

Checking to make sure you finished up your work, but may meet you later

You busted your BlackBerry over the weekend and will need the company to replace it. Your boss:
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Tells you that you’ll have to pay for half of it

Scolds you for not taking better care of your stuff, but gets you a replacement as soon as possible

Replaces it immediately because you need to be accessible at all times

Insists it can be fixed and wastes an hour trying to repair it (while making you watch!)

The super-outgoing and cheerful guy at work decides to organize a co-ed softball team for the company. Your boss:
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Says it’s fine as long as you don’t need any additional budget to cover costs and no one misses work

Vetoes it immediately, saying you should focus on work when you’re at work

Likes the idea but only if the team can be named "The Awesomes"

Gets approval from accounting to buy team jackets and lots of snacks