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Which Corporate Buzzword Are You?

by Amy Zerello

You work it 9 to 5 and maybe even longer. Has corporate culture rubbed off on you? Find out which business catchphrase best describes you!

The most essential item at your work station is your:
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Coffee cup

Staple remover

Set of highlighters

Stash of Post-it note pads

It’s midday, and you need a snack or a snooze. Since napping's not an option, you:
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Investigate what’s still up for grabs at the cafeteria

Find a crunchy treat you’ve stashed away just for moments like this

Grab coffee – or, if there’s a time, a latte that requires a complete sentence to order

Head to the kitchen area. You stocked it, so you know you’ll find just what you need.

Clearly your networking skills are sharp, because:
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The company sends you to a number of events each year

You have over 500 Facebook friends

Everyone in the department knows the name of your pet or firstborn child

Your LinkedIn connections are mostly people you’ve never met face-to-face

You feel employees should be rewarded for their efforts with:
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More vacation time, or at least an extra day off

Public acknowledgment – the whole company needs to hear about each person’s merits

End-of-the-year bonuses

Gift cards, because you know they can’t be taxed

It’s a big day at the office. You prepare for the occasion by making sure you:
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Iron your clothes and keep your coffee in its cup

Sport a blazer or don a tie

Lay out a clean, classic button-down the night before

Get to the bathroom mirror before anyone else arrives for a last-minute touch-up

Forgetting this at home will definitely set you up for a bad day at the office:
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Your laptop

Your cell

Your lunch

Your calendar planner

This coming year, your biggest career goal is to:
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Score a 4-hour workweek

Switch professions

Start your own side business, or maybe a blog

Move up the corporate ladder

The least enjoyable part of your job is unquestionably:
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The many meetings you must attend

All the deadlines you must meet

The clients you must work with throughout the day

Budgeting resources

You’re assigned a new project. Your first thought is:
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How big a success it’s going to be, since it’s yours

How tedious working with other departments is going to be

Isn’t this the idea you proposed at last month’s meeting that got shot down?

This definitely means a lot of late nights – time to break out the calendar!

The film that features your career role model is:
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“Nine to Five”

“Wall Street”

“Erin Brockovich”

“The Devil Wears Prada”