Take a fun personality quiz; you just may be surprised at the results!

What's Your Dream Job?

by Leslie Koch

Working 9 to 5 and not getting ahead? It's time you discovered your dream career! Whether you're destined to be a business tycoon or a trophy wife, this quiz will help you realize your full potential.

Which of these outfits would you wear to your dream job?
1 of 10 questions

Wrap dress with cute flats

Curve-hugging dress with stiletto heels

Pantsuit with comfortable pumps

Linen pants, T-shirt and sandals

Perfectly fitted pinstripe suits or slim sheaths in neutral colors

What is your number one goal in life?
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Amass untold riches

Have everyone like you

Do whatever you want, whenever you want

Become incredibly powerful

Help those in need

What activity were you most involved in during high school?
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Student Government

Drama Club

Cheerleading or Dance

Key Club or other community service group

Young Entrepreneurs Club

You are up for a promotion at work. How do you make it happen?
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Tell your boss negative things about a co-worker who is competing for the position

Flirt with your boss and his superiors

Take on additional responsibilities to show you can handle it

Don't do anything special

Approach your boss directly and negotiate a higher salary and title

How would you rather spend your next vacation?
5 of 10 questions

Family trip to Disney World

Romantic getaway to Paris, the Hamptons or Beverly Hills

Traveling across America and meeting interesting people

Volunteering to help orphaned children in Africa

None of the above — you don't have time to think about vacations

What might your co-workers say about you behind your back?
6 of 10 questions

You love playing the martyr

You are superficial

Your life seems too perfect

You focus too much on your career

You care only about the bottom line

How many kids do you plan on having?
7 of 10 questions



Two or three

Four or five

Six or more

When you land your dream job, how will you celebrate?
8 of 10 questions

Throw a party and invite co-workers and friends

At home — you don't want a spectacle

Sip a martini at the country club

Go to a fancy restaurant with your man

Dance all night at a trendy club

How would you prefer to commute to and from work each day?
9 of 10 questions



Van or SUV

American-made sedan

Public bus

What type of underwear are you wearing right now?
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None — you've gone commando

Boy shorts

"Granny" briefs

Bikini cut