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Can You Ace This Acronym Quiz?

Can You Ace This Acronym Quiz?

by Amy Zerello

To keep up these days, your gadgets need to operate faster than you can say, well, “technology.” That's why we love acronyms: They help you say things faster and within character limits. See how many abbreviations you can decipher!

Your manager sends an e-mail about a new project and wants to know if you have time to meet. She asks you to confirm by EOD. This means:
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She needs each of the deliverables before the meeting

You need to outline each of the details before sitting down with her

You have until the end of the day to confirm

You’re meeting a friend for coffee, but she calls to say she’s running late. She asks you to get her a TSVL. What do you ask the barista?
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"Can I please have a tea with sugar, very light?"

"Can I please have a Tall Skinny Vanilla Latte?"

"My friend wants a TSVL. Do you know what that is?"

You’re chatting away on AIM and suddenly an odd error message pops up. You ask your chat buddy what it could mean. When she asks if you’re on FF, you say:
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"Of course not; Final Fantasy’s not my thing!"

"No, I’m on IE"

"What does FF mean?"

When someone apologizes for TMI, they’re sorry for:
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Sharing too many details

Sending touchy material in a message

Being pushy about telling them the info

You get a text from your BFF that she’s found you the perfect LBD. You reply:
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"I’m not looking for a little black dog"

"I don’t date on lunch breaks"

"Is it on sale?"

Your manager asks you to elaborate on the ROI of your most recent proposal. What’s he asking for?
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The return on investment: What’s in it for the company?

Resources of information: Where did your data come from?

The ratio of interest: Do the pros outweigh the cons?

Which subject-line acronym is a heads-up that the message probably shouldn’t be opened at work?
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What does GTL (made popular by the reality show "Jersey Shore") stand for?
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Gym, tan, laundry

Girls, tank tops, liquor

Gel, tan, lunch

Let’s imagine you’re browsing personal ads on your phone. Translate this one: "SPM BB ISO SF for possible LTR."
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Sophisticated, professional British blond man in search of single female for possible long-term relationship

Smart professional male basketball player in search of sexy female for possible long-term romance

Single professional male bodybuilder in search of single female for possible long-term relationship

True or false? When someone prefaces a statement with IMHO, he or she is about to share an opinion.
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