Fempire Diaries

16 Most UnREAL Moments from Season 2

Are you still freaking out of the season finale of UnREAL? We are too! Here is a countdown of the 16 most UNREAL moments of season two!

16. Quinn and Rachel getting matching MONEY, DICK, POWER tattoos to remind them of their priorities.


15.When Madison becomes a total savage at Rachel’s old job and gets Chantal to Break down crying!


This show has changed her!


14. When Darius gets puked on and throws a hissy fit.


13. Rachel’s eyebrows

UnREAL-205-Rachel-Eyebrows UnREAL-206-Rachel-EyebrowsUnREAL-208-Rachel-EyeRollUnreal-204-Rachel-Eyebrows

Always on fleek!

12. The return of Adam the “Meat Puppet.”


11. That time that Chet stole his own baby, and got arrested.


10. But then stopped being so crazy and saved Rachel from Jeremy.


9. OH! And that time that Quinn threatened to rip off Jeremy’s manhood.


8. When Darius meets the girls and Beth Ann is wearing a confederate flag bikini…AWKWARD.


7. And then Beth Ann’s pregnancy fueled meltdown.


6. The controversial episode directed by Shiri Appleby!


5. When Ruby stays after her dad walks in on her and Darius, then gets cut anyway.


4. Don’t worry she comes back to win Everlasting!


3. When Yael reveals herself as a reporter and runs off with Coleman.


2. Then Rachel catches wind of their affair and makes Yael shit her pants on National television.


And our Top UnREAL Moment…..

1. Rachel and Quinn’s emotional breakthrough.


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